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Making Gratitude

No description

Jennifer Sharpe

on 16 July 2013

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Transcript of Making Gratitude

Making Gratitude
Daybook Freewrite
Brainstorming Writing
Read "All that You Have Given Me Africa"
Using the poem as a template of sorts, write your own praise poem to a place or other inanimate thing for which you feel grateful.
Read Some Mentor Texts
11 Famous Thank You Notes

How Writing "Thank You" Changed a Life and Led to a Book
Key Beliefs & Elements
Thank You notes are powerful social connectors.
Thank You notes are more powerful and imbued with the writer's distinct personality when handwritten. They become a gift in themselves.
Fostering a habit of gratitude can create a positive learning culture.
Making Thank You notes engages all the senses in a production-learning activity.
Who Will You Thank, What Will You Make?
In your Daybook, draft a Thank You note to someone you would like to show appreciation to.
Use the Freewriting and Creative Brainstorming you did to inform your style.
Grab a pre-packaged note card or create your own note and envelope.
Write your Thank You note, put a stamp & address on it if needs mailing, and send it.
What worked for you about this IIE?
What lingering questions do you have about it?
What would you change, how would you improve it?
What will stay with you from this IIE beyond your experience today?
Think of someone to whom you owe a great deal, for opening a door for you or for moving road-blocks.  Maybe this person has no idea what he/she has done.  Maybe it seemed incredibly small or insignificant at the time.  Take 5 minutes to write about what this person/these people did for you and why you're grateful.
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