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Introduction to Creative Writing I

General classroom policies and the course overview.

Natalie Grimm

on 28 January 2013

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Transcript of Introduction to Creative Writing I

Creative Writing I "Am I in the right place?" ANYONE who has an interest in improving his/her narrative writing!
ANYONE who likes to express himself or herself through writing without worrying about a specific prompt.
ANYONE who wants to study creative forms of writing and, in doing so, learn to better his or her own craft.
You might be asking yourself... First, check your schedule.

Does it say that you should be in room 235
for Miss Grimm's Creative Writing I
during second hour of second semester? No? Yikes.
And, well, please leave. Seriously, sorry you can't stay.

We're going to do some pretty cool stuff here.

Better luck next time. Yes!
This IS my class. (Which means you're probably thinking....) Or, by getting specific,
this class is for... In here "just to earn a credit"? I ask you to just try to get into the spirit of what this class is supposed to be about, and you might be surprised... Syllabus Time! General Classroom Policies Overview Major Units
Grading Procedures
Late Work
Infinite Campus
Academic Honesty Follow along on the handout... You will treat other students, yourself and me with respect.

If this does not happen there will be a problem.

I will not tolerate rudeness, swearing, or horseplay.
In summary... Act like a young adult
and I'll treat you like one. •Unless otherwise directed, all electronic devices
must be put away during class time.

•If you wish to comment on something, raise your
hand and wait to be called on.

•You may eat and drink in my classroom as long as
you clean up after yourself.
•Stay in your seats until the bell rings.

•Please DO NOT get up and move about the room
when someone is speaking.
(I.E. Throwing out a wrapper during a lecture or speech)

•You may listen to music with headphones when I have
indicated we have individual work time. •Respect the physical space and materials
of the room--if we abuse it, we lose it.

•Make good choices about how you spend your
time during second hour--think smart and get
as much help as you can between the bells! What about the bathroom
and other passes out? Please note that I believe the following: However, YOU are in charge of your bladder and health.
So, "when nature calls" I’m not one to tell you can’t go.

Please ask me and sign out and in on the clipboard first!
If you abuse this policy or continually ask to go during class and/or at inappropriate times within the hour, you will not be allowed to leave. Class time is precious. And now,
Two "weird" rules... 1. Keep your bag under your chair.

2. Push in your chair whenever you aren't seated. (No one wants your bag in their grill.) (No one wants to trip on your chair or
your bag and mess up their grill!)
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