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Bullying Is A Disease

No description

Olivia Jones

on 20 June 2014

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Transcript of Bullying Is A Disease

... that must be cured!
Bullying is...
... when one child is being mean to another child in a physical and/or verbal way.
Poster contest
Creative Bullying T-shirt Contest
Other Recreational activities
Anti-Bullying Club
Start an anti- bullying club
Creates banners
Organize walks and activities against bullying
Act as a leader in the protests.
Act as student- Guidance counselors
Parent-Teacher Components
Keep the campaign an ongoing process, not just a one time thing
Parents should try to understand the program and help enforce it.

Warning signs and how you can help.
Warning signs:
Sudden depression, Anti-social
Inability to focus
More Sensitive
Not themselves.
Helping at home:
talk to kids about it
Try to become closer to your kids
Don't let the bully's words get to them.
How the school can help:
get in touch with guidance counselors
Report bullying
guidance counselors should talk to bullies and victims about it.
By: Alana, Lauren, Olivia, Giulia
Bullying Is A Disease...
Physical Bullying
Actual fighting or pushing one another around.
Verbal Bullying
Calling people names, gossiping about them, yelling at them, etc.
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