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“Father and Son” Photo Compilation Story

No description

은비 김

on 29 September 2017

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Transcript of “Father and Son” Photo Compilation Story

Rising Action
“I want to hear you laugh with me…why do not eat more” (Maclaverty 2).
Rising Action
“’I let you go once-and look what happened’” (Maclaverty 3).
Falling Action
“My son is lying on the floor, his head on the bottom stair, his feet on the threshold” ( Maclaverty 5).
“’My son, let me put my arms around you’” (Maclaverty 5).

“My son is breaking my heart. It is already broken” (Maclaverty 1).

This is the photo and plot point of “Father and Son” by Bernard MacLaverty. This short story represents the relationship of common father and son. It could be stereo type but we normally think father and son are not having deep emotional consensus. However, in this short story father wants conversation. He wants to know all about his son. He misses past which they having smiled and having conversation. On the other hand his son does not. He think this father has over protection, and too much attachment. He annoying at his father. This big gap brings to the tragedy.
Father starts to worry about his son too much. He cares about his son and wants to know where he was in each time. He tries not to allow son’s outing. Every time when he worried his son, the son feels annoyed and frustrated about this father.
For this line we could know father wants to know everything about his son, and be happy. Also it can be a physical setting that they are not friendly. Father wants to know and spend time like past, but for some reasons, they are not doing like that now. Father misses that so much. So this point leads to climax.
This is the very first line of the short story. This shows how his father feels and thinks about his son, and lets readers know their relationship. We cans understand character’s characterization. They seem not good and friendly enough. This can be foreshadowing so readers can easily to expect that father and son’s trouble will coming next.
“’Everyday you think I’m dead. You live in fear’” (MacLaverty, 4).
Rising Action
This line is son’s think. He knows his father has too much protection and worries. He feels tired about his over protection and he wants to escape. Also, this makes their problem deeper.
“The door was swing open and a hand-gun beneath the pillow” (MacLaverty, 3).
Rising Action
This hand-gun is thing that makes father and son’s problem deeper and worse. Father opens the door to apologize but he found the gun. Son wants to hide his thing. Son does not want to talk with his father. Of course father can’t understand that. This lead father’s unbelieving.

“There is a bang…Not believing, I look into the hallway” (Maclaverty 5).

Worrying situation is happened. Father heard band sound, so he knows that sound is related with his son in unconscious, but he hopes not. He does not believe it. However, he get closer to his son, he can smell and see. His anxiety reached the extreme and eventually the biggest event of the story occurred at this point is the climax of the story.
Obviously, father could find his son on the floor. Nothing specially his son was look ghastly on the floor. This means to him, his anxiety is true. He was breakdown directly. He identifies it with his eyes. The tone is changed. For this part all situations are certify and their story makes concluding so this is the falling action.
This line ties and represents father’s only one heart’s desire. He just wants to care, and put his arms around his son. Unintentionally, his worries and cares turns to tenacity, and shut in his arm neither he wants or not. This leads reader to think if he or his son were different, did not the situation change? so this quote can be a denouement.
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