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Kelvin Water Dropper

Hello guys I am a description

Zach Raposo

on 13 June 2013

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Transcript of Kelvin Water Dropper

Kelvin Water Dropper
- Invented in 1867 by Lord Kelvin
- Originally called a "water-dropping
Lord Kelvin
- Had other names, such as "Lord
Kelvin's Thunderstorm"
What Is It?
The Kelvin Water Dropper Consists of 3 main parts:
A water source
2 Conductive rings
2 conductive water basins
How Does it Work?
- Electrostatic Induction
- Positive Feedback
- Electrostatic Attraction
When a static charge is given to
a conductor when it comes in
contact with an object with a
charge attached to it
When an electric charge is returned
to an electrical signal and is "in phase",
which allows the signal to increase.
The scientific principle that
states: "opposites attract"
Coulomb's Law
Real World Uses
- The study of storms and electricity
- Powering LED and other types of lights
- Science Fair Projects (wink wink)
- Any alternative energy source for powering a building or other facility
Make Your Own!
Problems and Troubleshooting
- Not a good power source
- Frame, wiring etc. must be completely dry
- Be careful about humidity
- Use round objects for spark
- Use conductive material for basins and rings
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