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Keith Haring

No description

Christine Smith

on 22 June 2016

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Transcript of Keith Haring

Fun Facts

- At the age of ten he said he wanted to be a artist in France
- At 12 years old he was a Jesus lover
- He started a Monkees fan club
- The Shining was his favorite horror movie
- He is the reason the Bowery Graffiti Mural is still a thing
- On his death bed one of the last things he drew was the
"Radiant Baby"
- He is gay
How he died
Keith Haring died from AIDS in New York on February 16, 1990. That time he was 31 years old. A memorial service was held on May 4 1990 for Keith Haring 's death. Over 1,000 people attendance to the Memorial for Keith Haring
What inspired him to do draw

When Keith Haring was a little boy he was inspired by the amazing art work other cartoons from Walt Disney and Charles Schultz and Dr. Seuss.

Keith Haring
Who is he?
Keith Haring was born on May 4 1958 in Reading Pennsylvanian Untied States.
He focus more on abstract art, he also express concepts of birth, death, sexuality, and war in his art.

When he was growing up from his childhood he took interest in Jean Dubuffet, Pierre Alechinsky, William Burroughs and Robert Henri manifesto.
Man hOOD
As a little kid Keith was interested in art, his father Allen Haring told him early basic cartooning skills. Later on in his teen age Keith enrolled in many different kinds of art schools. After graduating from the art schools in his town Pennsylvania, he moved to New York and pursued his dream of becoming a famous artist. He starting graffiti with permission, later on his style of art caught people attention.Later in his life he become a well known artist.

Ignorance = Fear
The art Ignorance = Fear was made by Keith and the art was finish by 1989, the art was made in the neo expressionism period, in that period artists sally drew wild painting, ( There is no reason why he drew this picture on the internet) Well, I think that Keith drew this drawing is because of something about aids effecting people.
Keith and Julia
Keith and Julia was created in 1986 by Keith, the period was still neo expressionism. The painting looks like Keith is smoking right next to a girl named Julia, as you can see that theirs a blue thing that looks like a fist and the fist looks like it's punching the girl Julia. I think that Keith is showing his gay side in this painting because of the way he is punching and smoking in front of the girl.
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