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Microsoft Outlook 2010

No description

Stef Rozm

on 12 January 2014

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Transcript of Microsoft Outlook 2010

Microsoft Outlook 2010

Outlook 97

Outlook 2000

Outlook 2003
Outlook 2007

Outlook 2010

History of Outlook

What is Outlook?
- Microsoft Office application
- Used for emailing
- Personal management of information
How does Outlook work?
- E-mail account
- Outlook gives access to your account
E-mail accounts supported by Microsoft Outlook 2010 :
- POP3
- Exchange server
Post Office Protocol 3
The e-mails are locally stored on computer from server.
The main disadvantage is that the mails cannot be shown on
multiple computers.
Internet Message Access Protocol (IMAP)
E-mails are stored on servers so they can be read on
multiple devices, too.
This account is safer because they are stored and backed
up on the e-mail server.
Exchange Server
Microsoft Exchange is the industry's leading platform for e-mail, calendaring, and unified messaging.
Why is it good for:

Exchange provides users the ability to collaborate through a comprehensive, integrated system, with collaborative features that give a business a competitive advantage.
E-mail flowing: immediately sending and receiving
Security: it allows to encrypt e-mails, archived elements and protects
from viruses and spam mails.
Safe: E-mails can be stored on server and locally, that is why it provides
an extra back up
The screen
New e-mail


Personal management of information
Topics of the training
About Outlook
Features and options
Basic troubleshooting
Features and options

Out of Office - Automatic Reply
An archive is a collection of computer files that have been packaged together for backup, to transport to some other location.
Outlook Archiving :
Old e-mails which are important, but rarely used
Personal folders - *.pst datas
- Locally stored back up of emails
- More space available for the mailbox
Offline Outlook Data File

The Offline Folder File (*.ost) allows us to work
offline with Outlook. The e-mails are stored in
this data and we can reach them without the
connection to the Exchange Server.
If we send an e-mail offline, it will be stored in
the Outbox until our PC connects to the server
and synchronize it.
Basic Troubleshooting
How to check the
Exchange Server?
new profile?
How to create a
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