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27 Amendments

No description

Bob Joe

on 12 February 2013

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Transcript of 27 Amendments

By Stephen Mock and Eric Jensen The 27 Amendments First Amendment Second amendment Third Amendment Citizens do not have to quarter soldiers in peace time. Eighth Amendment No excessive bail or cruel and unusual punishment No laws can restrict freedom of religion, speech,
press, right to assemble, or the ability to
petition the government. The right to possess
weapons Freedom of Expression No unreasonable search and seizure without a court issued warrant or probable intent Third Amendment Tenth amendment Fourth Amendment Fifth Amendment You can't go to court without
being charged by jury, and you
can't go to court twice for the
same crime. Sixth Amendment Right to a fair and speedy
trial by an impartial jury. Seventh Amendment Right to a jury trial in civil matters worth more than $20 Ninth Amendment People get any rights not mentioned in the
Constitution that aren't violating the
constitution Any Rights not reserved for the
Federal Government is a right for the
states, as long as it doesn't infringe the
rights in the constitution. Eleventh Amendment Individuals can't sue a state in
federal court. Twelfth Amendment There must be separate ballots for the Presidential
candidate and the vice-presidential candidate. 13 Amendments All slaves are now free! 14 Amendments Citizens of America who were born in other countries are allowed to vote 15 Amendment All men (not women) are allowed to vote. This includes people who used to be slaves (ex-slaves) 16 Amendment Congress can change and collect taxes on incomes. A federal income tax is created 17 Amendment Each state shall have 2 senators that are elected for 6 years. Each has one vote in the Senate. They are elected by the people of their state. 18 Amendment No alcohol is allowed to be imported or exported
by the United States, and consumption is illegal. 19 Amendement Anyone can vote, regardless of gender. Fourth Amendment 20 Amendment The President's terms are 4 years long. He/She takes office on January 20th. (the President) 21 Amendment It is now legal to drink Alcohol again. (Of course with some restrictions). This Amendment repealed or counter-acted the 18th amendment. 22 Amendment A president can serve a maximum of two terms. (If re-elected after first) 23 Amendment Washington DC is allowed to vote for the president. (Washington DC is in between Virginia and Maryland. It isn't a individual state) 24 Amendment 25 Amendment The Vice President takes the President's place if he is removed/if he dies. When Vice president is removed, the President elects a new Vice President. He needs majority vote from both houses. This amendment sums up what happens if a president/vice-president leaves his job. 26 Amendment You can vote if you choose to at the age of 18. 27 Amendment Laws that change the pay of Senator's and Representatives will take effect the next term. You don't have to pay fees in order to vote.
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