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PGCE GCSE session

Exploring GCSE

David Rogers

on 8 February 2013

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Transcript of PGCE GCSE session

Supporting GCSE Time to take 5 What could that be used for?

Mission:Explore - pick an activity
that could be used Settlement Services Features of the CBD Content and Specification Produce an outline plan Timing
Key questions
Sequence Scheme of Work What skills need to be developed during Key Stage 3? Controlled Assessment How would you approach the question?
What knoweldge do students need?
What skills do young people need to use?
Would you give a free choice or focus on one question? ? Teaching Ideas
Learning Objectives:
Be able to describe the relationship between different development indicators.
Understand the factors the affect development and apply this to a case study. Pupil work:
What is great?
What needs development?
What Grade?
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