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No description

Rosie McCormack

on 12 November 2013

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Transcript of Electricity

pro and cons
1x small fan

1x light

2x switch

2x wires

1x box

4x Wood

1x drill

drill bites

1x tilling

1x cap
1.Me and dad cut 4 pieces of wood
2. dad and I then drilled holes in the face plate
3. Then put the wires together
4. Then I painted the box
5. Dad hot glued gun the cap on top of the light
6. glued all the wood together

My product is a summer nightlight. It works on a simple or series circuit.

The energy is stored in 9V volts cells (batteries). These batteries provide
potential energy in the chemicals contained inside. The energy from the battery makes the fan spin.

The energy from the battery is converted to an eletric current that turns on the light but when the switch is tured off the energy current can no longer keep the light on.


easy to make

it looks good

Cool for summer

doesn't cose alot


it wastes battery cells

Can't use the fan batteries
are down.

1x glue gun
Week 5
Thought of a summer nightlight
Week 6
Bought things needed
Started working on it
Week 9
Nearly finshed
Week 3
I was thing and thinking about what I was going to do
Week 4
Kept on thinking
Week 7
Week 10
Handed it in
My project is a summer nightlight It was fun to make
and this is how I made it
Done something a bit easier

Have a different fan
Have a bigger box
By Rosie
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