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Theodore Roosevelt

No description

lib hist

on 12 September 2013

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Transcript of Theodore Roosevelt

Durgashis and Evan
Theodore Roosevelt
Medal of Honor Recipient in the Spanish American war.
Theodore is the only president to receive the Medal of Honor. He was ranked at a Colonel. Theodore goes by "Teddy" and was part of the Rough Riders.
While charging up the hill, he did not care about his personal safety. Teddy was the first to reach enemy trenches.
Theodore Roosevelt showed amazing citizenship. He did this by becoming part of the Rough Riders. When he charged up San Juan Hill he thought that since he was a citizen of the U.S, he has the duty to risk his life.
Teddy loved his country so much that he served it in war and later became the president of the united states.

He led a charge up San Juan hill. Because of that, he turned the tide for the battle.
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