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The Epic Of Gilgamesh

No description

Graham Coleburn

on 21 August 2015

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Transcript of The Epic Of Gilgamesh

The purpose of the text is to convey the readers into adventure. It is also to show that you can't run away from death. Even though people die humanity will still go on. Ea says this when he tells Enlil that "...he should have made the punishment fit the crime. Not everyone deserves to die" (Sandars 4).
Historical Context
The Story of the Flood
(Utnapistim tells Gilamesh the story of how he turned into a god)
Ohe day, the gods meet in secret council and one of the gods,Enlil orders that mankind is to be exterminated. One of the gods, Ea,warns Utnapishtim in a dream that there is going to be a flood to destroy mankind and to build his house into a boat. After Utnapishtim builds it he gets his family,kin ,the beast of the field and all the craftsmen loaded in the boat. The storm starts and gets out of hand and some gods start to get destroyed. The flood doesn't last too long and land starts to reappear. The gods do not forgive Enlil for bringing the flood. Enlil is angered of the fact that there is human survivors but Ea tells him that not everyone deserves to die. Enlil listens and turns Utnapishtim and his wife into gods.
Sumeria Region
Thank you!
The Hero: Gilgamesh
The Archetype:
Gilgamesh fits the ideal/epic hero archetype. He was told by the god,Utnapishtim, how he survived the great flood. He created a great nation after the flood. He faced conflict in the form of surviving the flood and searching for eternal youth. He is then born into legend after these feats.

How do we know he was a hero?
Gilgamesh was the chosen one of the gods. "The gods agreed to exterminate mankind... but Ea because of his oath warned me in a dream. He whispered their words into my house of reeds" (Sandars 6).
He was also a noble king, well renowned around the world. "This too was the work of Gilgamesh the king, who knew the countries of the world. He was wise, he saw mysteries and knew secret things, he brought us a tale of days before the flood" (Sandars 13).

Describe Gilgamesh.
Gilgamesh is an honest, hardworking, humble, intelligent, morally sound, noble, man of the people.

Who are heroes and what do they reveal about people,culture, family,era or society?
Heroes are people who are selfless and they reveal the beauty and good of things. In the city Uruk, Gilamesh tells Urshanabi to "to inspect its foundation terrace... examine..the brickwork" (Sandars 8).
Does society needs heroes?
Yes, we need someone to lead us. In the story, Gilamesh knew what to do and "knew the countries of the world". (Sandars 8).

The Epic Of Gilgamesh
Project by: Stacy B. Michael B. Stacie P. and Graham C.
The Return
After Uthspishtim finishes his story, he asks Gilamesh if he is worthy of being a god. By doing so, he tests Gilamesh to see if he can go a week without sleeping.He fails by falling deep asleep but denies the fact that he has fallen asleep. Uthspishtim then orders his boatman, Urshanabi, to take Gilamesh where he can wash himself and that his beauty be shown. He gets clean and Uthspishtim tells Gilamesh about the plant the "The Old Man Are Young Again" in the ocean and Gilamesh dives to get it.He takes it and tells Urshanabi that he is going to first give some of the plant to the old man of Urk first, then himself. A serpent eyes the plant and snatches it away.Gilamesh is devastated but travels till he reaches Uruk with Urshanabi and shows him the walls of the city, the brickwork,fields and the gardens.
The Epic Of Gilgamash is on of the oldest stories told.
The story was originally written on Sumerian clay tablets using the script of Cuniform.
Gilgamesh’s father was the Priest-King Lugalbanda and his mother the goddess Ninsun who was said to have lived an exceptionally long life.
Sumeria, southern delta region
Primary cities included Ur, Uruk, and Eridu.
Uruk is the city in which the famous king Gilgamesh lived. Akkad was a region north of Sumer which included the area around modern Baghdad as well as the ancient sites of Babylon, Kish, and Nippur.
The people of that time period were the Sumerians. Ancient Sumeria was responsible for bringing the invention of the wheel, government, art, mathematics, astronomy.
They lived in the Mesopotamia between the Tigris and Euphrates river which is modern day Iraq and Iran.
Scholors called Sumeria a sudden civilization because their culture appeared out of nowhere.
Purpose of Text
Why would Utnapishtim test Gilamesh?

Why would Enlil turn Utnapishtim into gods?
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