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Soul Surfer ~ Heros Journey

No description

Mary McGowan

on 16 September 2012

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Transcript of Soul Surfer ~ Heros Journey

The Hero's Journey of Soul Surfer Birth/Ordinary World Call to Adventure Meeting with the Mentor Crossing the Threshold Road of Trails Approach/Helpers Ordeal Reward/Ultimate Boon Flight/The Road Back Resurrection Return with Elixir Pictures are courtesy of Prezi Bethany Hamilton grew up in Hawaii.
She lived most of her life surfing in the ocean. Bethany was attacked by a shark while surfing.
The Herald -the shark Bethany had many questions run through her head at this stage.
Someone that she could look up to was her youth leader Sara that was like an Earth Mother to her. Bethany had a lot of mentors through out the movie but the main one was her father.
Teaches her to surf with one arm Even with one arm Bethany still attempted to compete.
The Threshold Guardian- The waves Bethany always had to fight the waves while surfing and this became even harder with one arm.
Belly of the Whale- after the first competition Bethany went to Phuket, Thailand on a missions trip and her life was completely changed. Bethany decides that she is going to surf again.
She goes to compete in nationals.
She makes it to the finals. Bethany catches the most amazing wave ever! Bethany did not give up!
She had to fight the waves even harder than everyone else to win the competition. Bethany doesn't wish away what happen to her because she has learned so much from it. Bethany found out that she could keep living and competing, even with one less arm.
All she had to do was try. Refusal of the Call
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