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Streets of London

No description

Megan Charity

on 2 June 2014

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Transcript of Streets of London

Streets of London
"Julius Caesar" in Victorian London

Themes of manipulation, betrayal, and ambition
Victorian London era - Gentlemen, ladies, murderers, and thieves
Obsession with money and social status
Lower Class vs. Upper Class

- Cassius and Brutus vs. Caesar and Antony
- Gangs vs Aristocrats
Upper Class - high status fashion sense
Lower Class - torn, dirty clothing
Props and Staging
Upper class = fancy, wealthy materials items
Lower class = prohibited objects and weapons
Upper Class Main Characters
Lord Chast - Julius Caesar
Sir Roderick - Mark Antony
Lady Winslow - Calpurnia
Lower Class Main Characters
Ben - Brutus
Jack - Cassius
Lucy - Portia
Caesar's assassination - Lord Chast's murder during speech
Antony's speech - Sir Roderick rallying the police force
The Battles at Phillipi - The arrests of the gangs by the police
- Upper class = wealth
- Lower class = crime

- Brutus betrays Caesar
- Gangs turn on the Upper Class and old friends
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Dull and dark - like black and white photographs and smoke
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