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Kauaeranga Valley

No description

Oriana Hansell-Pune

on 30 November 2016

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Transcript of Kauaeranga Valley

When we started to hike we were split into groups I started off with Alysha and Ashton and we stuck together and went from the second to last group and ended up in the front group. We all me up at Webb Creak which is 1 hour and 30 minutes from the Pinnacle Hut.
Goals For Camp
#1 = To encourage those around me and walk at a comfortable pace.

#2 = To Enjoy myself and not fall down the stairs.

#3 = To stick with my buddy the whole time and to make it to the hut and up the Pinnacle in good time.

Kauaeranga Valley while many think that the actual steps were created by D.O.C they were actually created by bushman in the late 1800.

The bushman only got supplies once a week and their supplies were carried up by horses the horses carried 25kg on each side and 10 kgs on the top so 60 kgs all together.

Some of the bushman started working at the age 14.

The bushman worked a 10 hour day on weekdays and and 8 hour day on Saturdays and the majority of Sunday was spent sharpening their saws and visiting the other bushman camps.

Their was also a cook that was always up 3 hours early to cook breakfast and bake fresh bread every day the bushman would take bread and Jam up for lunch everyday. At night they were feed a 3 course meal which usually consisted of 1st soup, 2nd, stew or meat and the third was always different.
Kauaeranga Valley
By Samantha Lee
The pinnacles hut is 2 hrs and 30 minutes - 3 hrs from the kauaeranga Valley vistor centre.

Their are orange triangles marking the track and pink tape or triangles marking where the bait stations are and what the bait station number is.
Camp Reflection
I didn't think I would make it up the Pinnacles but I did and in the end I was really proud of myself and my partner Alysha we encouraged eachother the whole way up. Go us. YAY!!!
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