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Modern Architecture

No description

nathan lam

on 2 February 2014

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Transcript of Modern Architecture

What is Architecture?
-The art of designing buildings
What is Modern Architecture?
Topic 5
Modern Architecture

-Designing any physical structure
Designing of any Landscape
Interior designing
Exterior design
-Materials 90 degrees to each other
-Emphasis on horizontal and vertical lines
-Use of industrially produced materials
-Should originate from its purpose
-Nature of material shouldn't be hidden
-Absence of applied decoration
Start of Modernism
Modern= Present time
- Officially began in the early 1900s (20th century)
-Developed because of social and politic revolutions
-Technology developed modern architecture
-First structure with a lot of glass
-Brought in Modernism
-Glass, steal, Iron, etc.
-Form follows function
-Elimination of painting over materials
-Brings a feel of speed in motion
-No fancy columns
-Postmodern Architecture =Modern time
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