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UAE Traditional Dress

No description

Mariam Ali

on 7 January 2014

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Transcript of UAE Traditional Dress

Men's Traditional Dress
Women Dress
"Who does not have a past, has neither a present nor a future"
Shaikh Zayed bin Sultan

- A traditional embroidered mask.
- Usually has a glossy color.
- It contains two thin white yarns in the back of the burqa to tie it behind the head very well.
- Its purpose is covering all the face except the eyes.
- Usually worn by married women.
A black fabric used to cover the head and neck, according to the rules of Islamic religion.


It consists of two layers, both are black in color, the first layer is not transparent and the second layer is transparent. It's used to ensure coverage of the full woman's face. It makes women feel more freedom while wearing it.


- A long black gown.
- Embroidered stylishly and so simply.
- Its mission is to cover the entire body and clothing
- It is worn by the Emirati ladies, young, adult and elder.


Small white hat with some designs, worn by Emirati male to prevent the ghutra from slippage. Its always white. It is worn in Some countries by itself without the ghutra.

It is a square scarf made ​​of cotton, It has many colors but the most popular color is white. They bend it in the form of a triangle and place on the head.


A circular black piece that looks like a thick rope made ​​of goat's hair, camel's hair or black sheep wool. It's placed above ghutra to keep it in place and prevent it from falling.


It is a long dress worn by Emirati male. It has many colors but the men often like to wear white or pearl color kandura , however, in winter, they tend to wear dark color made of wool. It is characterized to be loose and to cover all the body, up to ankle.


Is a set of yarns knotted very well and attached from inner part of kandura's neck until the chest.


A wide robe worn over the kandura, it's made of cotton or wool of camels and sheep's, it almost worn on special occasions such as Eid, wedding or when visiting a sheikh.

Moroccan traditional dress dominated "Almokhawr" among women in the United Arab Emirates.
It includes very different embroidery from "Almokhawr", and it is from the top of dress to the bottom.
It has a nice belt placed on waist.
It often contains two pieces of two different colors.
The "sheila" became noticeably embroidered with many colors and shapes, influenced by other countries particularly Bahrain.
Nowadays, It became much more expensive than before.
"Abaya" became more attractive to wear, nowadays, it contains a lot of colors and comes in many different designs.
It can be completely closed or open.
Its price has reached over hundreds.
Abaya entered the world of fashion, competing GCC countries.

Modern Women Dress
Modern Men's Dress
There are different styles of besht available and most of them are imported from Saudi Arabia.
The traditional dress is one of the most important images that reflects ; nation of the country, its habits, traditions and its heritage as well. It is also an important method used in the detection of the heritage of people across different generations. Here you will have an idea about the traditional dress of women and men in past Emirati life and the present for some.

The tourist are mostly like footprints on countries land , they always leave their imprint and impact wherever they go.
Our traditional dress is one of things that has greatly influenced by them and this is what we will see now

Burqa is worn mostly by grandmothers.
Algshawh is worn by older women.
Men,especially who are in young age, prefer to wear caps instead of wearing ghahfiya and ghutra.
Nowadays, men are wearing several styles of kandora with different colors.
They often tend to wear Kuwaiti or Qatari kandora.
It is a dress that contains lines and decoration of the zari or talli.
It is embroidered by gold or silver thread.
It was imported from India and Pakistan.
It is the most beautiful piece of cloth that was worn by women.
Done By : Mariam Ali AlQaydi & Badreyah Rashid
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