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Isabela Ehrensberger

No description

Isabela Ehrensberger

on 22 September 2014

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Transcript of Isabela Ehrensberger

Isabela Ehrensberger
Section 2: My Name
Isabela Lucy Ehrensberger

Isabela means devoted to God.
Isabela is a royal name.
Lucy comes from my grandmother's middle name Adaline Lucy.
Section 3: Surrounded By
My Family

Mother: Mom is very supportive, and a hard worker.
Father: The most inspiring person I know.
Sister: Zoe, my twin, is the (I hate to admit it) best person I know, in every aspect.
Section 5: My Escape
The Road

I love to either take long walks or run along the road and see where it takes me. Although there is only 3-4 places I can run to.
Section 4: Those were the days
Dog on the Bus

My dog Brutus, got on the bus and rode to school with us.
Section 7: My Crystal Ball
Science/Medical Feild

I would like to go to college to go into the science/medical field to help reseachers get closer to curing cancer.
Section 6: Learning Along the Way
Hurting Your Siblings Can Have Consequences

I swung a swing really hard at Zoe's face and she not only got a black eye, she got a black face.
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