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Michael Lemons block 1 7th grade


Carolyn Meyer

on 10 December 2010

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Transcript of Michael Lemons block 1 7th grade

what do you think yes, I think its natural for wanting people to like you .
no, if you be yourself someone will like you
YOU SHOULD JUST BE YOURSELF PLOT! Victor wants Teresa to like him
He wants to be in Teresa class conflict Victor wants a way to get in Teresas
class Event 1: Victor tried to start something by
bumping into Teresa after his first class. Event 2: Victor tried to sit closer to Teresa
at lunch Event 3: Victor lied to Teresa, he told her that he
knew French CLIMAX: finally Teresa asked if victor could tutor her in French Resoution
conflict Teresa asked him to tutor
her in French vocabulary 1. Elective- a class that is optional 2. Propelled- something that makes you go somewhere faster 3. Conviction- the automatic belief
that something is true 4.Lingered- something that will not
leave 5.Sheepishly- when something is strange
Character map Victor he speaks Spanish he is dark skined he is not
good at math he likes a girl
named Teresa he scowls to
empress her he lies to
empress her
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