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VIA Project @ APSN

No description

Zylia Heng

on 30 April 2013

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Transcript of VIA Project @ APSN

Jia Xin
Jia Ying VIA Project @ APSN Contents 1. Observations made during Learning Journey

2. Challenges faced by the beneficiaries

3. Needs of Beneficiaries

4. Our Suggestions

5. Group Reflection

6. Acknowledgements They attended classes to equip them with new skills that will help them when they work in the society.
There was a Thrift Shop where the beneficiaries sold items that they collected. (e.g. toys, clothes, mugs, etc...)
They had a garden where they grew plants from scratch and reused collected materials to decorate it. Observations made
during Learning Journey The beneficiaries have behavior problems and have difficulties following simple instructions and routines. They also face problems in communicating with others. Thus, social relationships are often impacted. They may also be discriminated by some members of the public. Challenges faced by the beneficiaries They need jobs in the working world.

There should be more public awareness. Needs of Beneficiaries Group 5 Zylia: We can bake cookies and cupcakes and
host a bake-sale day.

Jia Xin: We can do fund-raising for them like flagday.

Jia Ying: We can do a presentation during assembly
to let other TKGians know about APSN.

Tammie: We can put up a donation drive and let
TKGians donate unwanted items for
APSN's thriftshop. Group Reflection From this journey to APSN, Centre For Adults, we feel very fortunate and we think each and everyone of us should cherish what we have. This project is very meaningful. Other than learning about the organisation and learning about the beneficiaries, we also learnt how to empathize. Our Suggestions Acknowledgements Zylia: This entire Prezi Powerpoint

Tammie: Planning

Jia Xin & Jia Ying: Research Thank you! We hope that you had enjoyed our presentation!
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