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The Ghost, The White House, and ME.

No description

Emma Barbee

on 27 May 2015

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Transcript of The Ghost, The White House, and ME.

The Ghost, The White House, and ME.
By Judith St. George. Book Report by Emma Barbee. Book Published in 2007.
Authors Point of view
Authors Purpose.
1st person
To Entertain
Horror, Super Natural
humor and curiousity
Washington DC in the White House
About The Characters!
Main Characters:
KayKay and Annie Granger,Borden, Mom(The President), Dad, and Uncle Matt.
Protagonist Description
KayKay Granger:
Short, Skinny, Strawberry-BlondeHair, 11 years old, real name is Katherine.
Antagoinst Description:
The fact that they wanted to sleep in the Lincoln Bedroom.
A feeling
A person
Characters are introduced. Dad explains that an occurrence happened to him along with Annie's mysterious story. Borden tells KayKay and Annie about Lincoln ghost and how it haunts the white house. Kaykay and Annie want to sleep in the Lincoln bedroom but their mom says NO.
Rising Action
They prank Uncle Matt because their mom let him sleep there instead of KayKay and Annie. They set up the prank and that night... I'M NOT SPOILING IT!
After that, the girls get grounded for two weeks because their mom found out about the little prank they pulled
Falling action
Their mom forgives them for the prank and thanks them for not complaining. She allows them to sleeping the Lincoln Bedroom.
The girls get pranked by thier mom
About The Author
The author of this book is Judith St. George.
She was born and raised in Westfield New Jersey. Her two childhood passions were sports and books.
Awards: Golden Kite award for nonfiction.
Another book she wrote is, "So you want to be president?
Figurative Language
#1: "I feel like I've moved into a museum I'll never call home" -Simile
#2: "...and Suzanne disapears as silently as she appeared" -Simile
#3: "Probably Borden knows so much, he can'y help but sounding like an encylopedia." -Simile
Context Clues!
#1 Inauguration:
Definition: an act or ceremony of inaugurating.
Where in text: "Inauguration Day was only 2 weeks ago, so its still hard to believe"
#2. Stricken
Definition: a past particle of strike
Where in text: "But Annie looks stricken"
#3 Perch
Definition: a high or elevated position, resting place, or the like
Where in text: "We perch on the sofa by the window to get as far away from the action as possible"
At first you don't succeed, try, try again!
Miricals can happen
Student Recommendation
I would recommend this because throughout the story, little history facts peer out in the story without it being boring. This book is very funny with cliff hangers left and right making the story suspensful. Its an all around good book.
Thank you for your time!
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