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Seventh Grade Composition and Grammar

No description

Laura Prahlad

on 10 September 2014

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Transcript of Seventh Grade Composition and Grammar

Trimester 3
Historical Fiction writing
MLA research
Aspects of creative writing

Sixth and Seventh Grade Composition and Grammar
Composition and Grammar Classes
Meet three times/week
Structured writing through modeling and guided practice
Formal grammar instruction
Essay drafting occurs mostly in the classroom
Final essays should be typed and printed
Tips for Success
Note Taking
Innovation Classes
Project-based learning
Meaningful integration of technology
Creating motivation and interest by solving real-world problems
Incorporating many elements of composition
Foundations of Writing
"Roots to Results"
Structure and Process of Writing - 6+1
Individual conferences and workshop writing
Academic and Creative writing
Wednesday, March 26 - Thursday, March 27
New York City
Big Fish on Broadway!
Structure of Composition and Grammar
Monday, Wednesday, and Friday - 45 minutes of structured instruction in writing and grammar
Tuesday/Thursday - block period of Innovation
Trimester One: Anti-Bullying PSA
Trimester Two: Big Fish/Multicultural Writing project
Trimester Three: STEM project
SO what does that mean for us?
Burning Questions?
Check out my YouTube interview on Wakefield's YouTube channel!
You can also step inside the classroom and see what we do!
And don't forget to periodically check wakefieldowls.net to see what we're up to!
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