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LPH 105 W15 12.1-4

No description

Richard Datwyler

on 29 June 2016

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Transcript of LPH 105 W15 12.1-4

Intensity / Decibels
Sources of sound
String, open-open, closed-closed
open-closed only
An ocean fishing boat is drifting just above a school of tuna on a foggy day. Without warning, and engine backfire occurs on another boat 1.55 km away. How much time elapses between the backfire being heard by the fish and the fisherman? ( v = 343, and 1560 m/s)
A person, with his ear to the ground, sees a huge stone strike the concrete pavement. A moment later two sounds are heard from the impact: one travels in the air and the other in the concrete, and they are 0.80 s apart. how far away did the impact occur? (v=343 and 3000)
A fireworks shell explodes 100 m above the ground. How much greater is the sound level of the explosion for a person directly below the explosion than for a person 200m horizontally away from the first?
How far away would the sound level be 85 dB?
At a rock concert, a dB meter registered 130 dB when placed 2.5 m in front of a loudspeaker on stage.

What was the power output of the speaker, neglect absorption.
open at both ends.
closed at one end
An organ pipe is 116 cm long. Determine the fundamental and first 3 audible overtones if the pipe is

If you were to build a pipe organ with open-open tubes spanning the range of human hearing (20 Hz - 20 KHz) what would be the range of the lengths of pipes required?
What if you did it with open-closed pipes
what is the fundamental frequency of this pipe?
Is this open open, or open closed?
A particular organ pipe can resonate at 264 Hz, 440 Hz, and 616, but not at any other frequencies between

and the speed of sound in the gas in the tube?
What is the fundamental frequency,
A uniform narrow tube 1.70 m long is open at both ends. It resonates at two successive harmonics of frequencies 275 Hz and 330 Hz.
An unfingered guitar string is 0.68 m long and it tuned to play an E above middle C (330 Hz).
How far from the end of this string must a fret (and your finger) be placed to play A above middle C (440 Hz)
What is the wavelength of the string of this 440 Hz wave
What are the frequency and wavelength of the sound wave produced in air at 22 C by this fingered string
A particularly beautiful note reaching your ear from a rare Stradivarius violin has a wavelength of 39.1 cm. The room is slightly warm, so the speed of sound is 344 m/s. If the sting's linear density is 0.600 g/m and the tension is 150 N, how long is the vibrating section of the violin string?
3.5 s
310 M
7 dB
785 W
445 m
74,222,370, 518
8.6m -8.6 mm
4.3 m-4.3 mm
88 Hz
55 Hz
187 m/s
.17 m
1.02 m
440 Hz, .78 m
.284 m
"For the last question in the pre-quiz, will it always be a 10 in front of the log because we're working with logarithmic scales? "
"I'm trying to figure out the last problem. I'm not sure what to do with the intensity because there's only one intensity, and I'm not sure what to do with the threshold sound. "
"How many decibals make a person lose hearing? "
"The ear is really so fascinating. As it pertains to Physics, why is it that there is sometimes a ringing noise that people tend to hear from time to time?"
"I am so lost on the math for this chapter"
" Taking the threshold of sound as 1.0 x 10^-12, what would be the sound level in dB of a Dishwasher that produced an intensity of 5.0 x 10^-7 W/m^2?
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