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MiddleAges Vocabulary

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Karen Morris

on 26 September 2013

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Transcript of MiddleAges Vocabulary

Middle Ages Vocabulary
Mrs. Morris - World History

political system based on bonds of loyalty between lords and vassals.
in feudalism, a noble who held land from and served a higher-ranking lord, and in return was given protection
religious officials, such as priests, given authority to conduct religious services
person who travels to carry the ideas of a religion to others
under feudalism, the land a lord granted to a vassal in exchange for military service and loyalty
in the Middle Ages, a noble warrior who fought on horseback
peasant laborer bound by law to the lands of a noble
to declare that a person or group no longer belongs to a church
Monasteries and Convents
Religious communities where people who wanted to devote their lives to serving God lived. They were called monks and nuns.
medieval business groups formed by craftspeople and merchants
belief that differs from or contradicts the accepted teachings of a religion
The land controlled by a noble

The manor included the manor house or castle, a village, a church, and the surrounding fields.

Oath of Fealty
was sworn oath between two people, the obliged person (vassal) and a person of rank (liege lord), it was an oath of allegiance.
Charter of Homage and Fealty

In the name of the Lord, I, Bernard Atton, Viscount of Carcassonne, in the presence of my sons, Roger and Trencavel, and of Peter Roger of Barbazan, and William Hugo, and Raymond Mantellini, and Peter de Vietry, nobles, and of many other honorable men, who have come to the monastery of St. Mary of Grasse, to the honor of the festival of the august St. Mary: since lord Leo, abbot of the said monastery, has asked me, in the presence of all those above mentioned, to acknowledge to him the fealty and homage for the castles, manors, and places which the patrons, my ancestors, held from him and his predecessors

for each and all of which I make homage and fealty with hands and with mouth to thee my said lord abbot Leo and to thy successors, and I swear upon these four gospels of God that I will always be a faithful vassal to thee and to thy successors and to St. Mary of Grasse in all things in which a vassal is required to be faithful to his lord, and I will defend thee, my lord, and all thy successors,
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