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Master Presentation

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Philipp Diehl

on 3 December 2012

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Transcript of Master Presentation

Design Engineering Business The Master Program Product Design
Process Development This unique master program of the cologne university of applied sciences combines Design, Engineering and Business expertise into one innovative and transdisciplinary qualification. Design Engineering Business The design component of this master program is provided by the Köln International School of Design (KISD), a faculty which is known for its wholistic approach of design aspects for example in interaction and product design. The engineering and business administration related components are provided by faculties of the cologne university of applied sciences (FH) located in Gummersbach (GM) , a suburb of cologne. They are equipped with excellent laboratories and lecturers. But what sets this master program apart from other programs is the interdisciplinary combination of these three components shown by the next chart. 01 Design History and Design Theory Type: Lecture Task: Exam 02 Adobe InDesign Type: Course Task: Exam 03 Adobe Photoshop Type: course Task: Exam 04 Team Seminar for Design Projects Type: Seminar Task: Exam 05 Basic Sketching Type: Course Task: Exam 06 Technical Applications of modern Physics Type: Lecture Task: Presentation 08 Solidworks Type: Course Task: Exam 09 Market Research Type: Lecture Task: covered within the Product Development Project (-20-) 10 Marketing Type: Lecture Task: Exam 11 Project Management Type: Lecture Task: Oral Exam 12 Process Management Type: Lecture Task: part of the great project 13 Business Management Type: Lecture Task: Oral Exam 14 Intercultural Management Type: Lecture Task: Presentation 15 Human Resources Management Type: Lecture Task: Development of an Assessment Center + Presentation Static + Dynamic Type: Seminar Task: Presentation This seminar was about the many different interpretations of the terms “static and dynamic”. Within the semester we learned about static and dynamic elements in fields such as:

•Product Design •Human Body
•Architecture •Art
•Nature •Advertising
•Human Relations •Philosophy

These are the topics for the presentations held by the course. My topic was philosophy. The following slides are excerpts from my presentation. Business Plan Development Type: Lecture Task: Documentation (Business Plan) This seminar is about establishing a fictive start-up company by developing a Business Plan. By doing so, we created a brand for messenger bags along with the corporate design, specific target groups and a competitive analysis. We designed a prototype, estimated the costs of the materials and the means of production. Finally we defined the marketing mix and discussed questions of financing.

The whole process provided a detailed insight into the approach of start-up ventures and the necessary steps behind it. Leadership and Innovation Type: Lecture Task: Presentation This Lecture focuses on procedures to enhance the innovative structures within a company. Topics of the presentations are:

General Measures to enhance
the capacity for innovations
The Stage-Gate-Process
Lead User Workshop
Open Innovation Technologies

My presentations was on the Stage-Gate-Process whom I've taken the following excerpts from. The interdisciplinary lectures
(2 combinations) The interdisciplinary lectures Materials Science Project Type: Project Task: Documentation + Presentation This project was about the examination and comparison of two cordless screwdrivers regarding materials, method of manufacturing, design and ergonomic aspects. (3 combinations) 19 Product Development Project Type: Project Task: Documentation + Presentation 20 Main emphasis: operative marketing, based on the lecture market research (-09-)
- marketing terms and definitions
- target groups and consumer needs
- sales policy instruments
- decisions in marketing
- the four Ps of the classical marketing mix -
product, pricing, placement and promotion. Main emphasis: information basis for marketing and details on elementary marketing strategy
- basics of market research
- purchase patterns
- market segmentation
- Special feature of this lecture:
development of a survey used to identify consumer
needs and preferences for the "Product
Development Project", evaluation with SPSS by IBM 16 17 18 Design History and Design Theory Adobe Indesign Adobe Photoshop Team Seminar for Design Projects Basic Sketching I've chosen this lecture because I think it is important to understand the dynamics of a constantly changing international work environment. I wanted to learn what has to be considered to be send abroad and being able to prepare the employment abroad of someone else.
Within the lecture we heard speeches on:
relationship of trust in intercult. work groups, local adaptation of products,
teleworking and telecommuting, culture assimilator, intercult. problem solving, etc.
My presentation was on the employment abroad of skilled workers and managers: In order to improve my design knowledge and skills I've chosen this lecture two times in a row: in the first and in the second semester. The specialty of this offer was its diversity. Every Wednesday the lecture was held by another professor. All of them are nationally and internationally well-known designers, coming from different fields such as product design, interaction design, service design and graphic design. Particularly interesting were the discussions at the end of each lecture. I decided to learn Adobe InDesign because it is a more powerful text and layout program than for example Microsoft Word. Concerning layout and pictures it is more suitable for large documents and texts and has more design features.
After having completed this course, I created the documents for example for the "materials sciences project" (-19-), the "Business Plan" (-17-) and the presentation on the "stage-gate-process" (-18-) entirely with InDesign.
Down below are some excerpts from these documents. Sketching and drawing has always been a hobby of me to visualize ideas and concepts. I decided to enroll for this course in order to learn the basics and to improve my skills on a professional basis. By sketching stools and other seats, we learned the basics of perspective, proportions, the play of light and shadow, etc. of three dimensional objects.
This course helped me to better include sketching into the process of product development and design strategies. For example during the creative workshop for the "Product Development Project" the sketching came in very handy. In addition to the lecture "Project Management" (-11-) which provided a rather economic approach of projects, I think it's interesting how projects are launched and carried out in design environments.
During the seminar we worked in groups of 5 to 6 students on several design related tasks. Within a small period time we had to find solutions by using special project tools for design. Besides the fundamental basics of physics, this lecture provided some very useful information on new technologies such as:
- Holographic pictures
- 3D-movies and glasses
- RFID-chips
- Geothermal power plants
- Possibilities of the XBox 360 Kinect
- Rare earth metals (My presentation. Excerpts are below) Solidworks is another CAD program which allows me to be more flexible. One advantage of Solidworks is its broad use in design related work because of its capability of modeling free formed surfaces and its superior rendering features.

The examples below show some product concepts and infographics which I have done for my portfolio and applications. 07 Autodesk Inventor Type: Course Task: Exam The main task of this lecture was the development, execution and evaluation of an assessment center (AC) in order to find new appropriate personnel for a fictional company. To do so, we searched 3 candidates and prepared a scenario for each of them. In this scenario they had to present a half-finished project and had to cope several unexpected challenges.
This exercise helped us to better identify and analyze the behavior of the applicants. This knowledge may be useful on the job to find the right person for an open position. Down below are some documents and pictures of the AC: While having used Autodesk Inventor on my job as an engineer on a rather basic level, I wanted to go deeper into the fundamentals of this CAD program. By learning more about modeling techniques, renderings and organization plugins such as the "vault", I was able to digitalise certain parts of cordless screwdrivers as shown below. They were part of the "Materials Science Project", where they have been disassembled and analyzed. Adobe Photoshop is a fundamental program and was on my skill wish list for a long time. By choosing this course I learned a large variety of basic and advanced features. These new skills helped me to improve the visual part of many documents I made for seminars and projects. Market Research Marketing Project Management Process Management Human Resources Management Intercultural Management Business Management Technical Applications of modern Physics Solidworks Autodesk Inventor This lecture was particularly important for me because I have seen so many good projects and ideas fail due to insufficient planning or bad execution. My goal is to gather experience to improve project and other related skills.
For example we learned about:
- assignment- and goal clarifications
- instruments of planning a project (e.g. project structure plan, network plan)
- instruments of controlling a project (e.g. earned value analysis)
- development models of the team spirit
- conflict management of teams
I was very happy about the opportunity of putting this theoretical knowledge to practice throughout the master lectures and seminars. For example I was the project leader of the "Materials Science Project" (-19-) which was a great experience. In the first semester we started our first product development project which was about to take two semesters till completion. In order to get the most out of the project, we had to model a suitable project plan. To do so, we learned the fundamentals of process management such as:
the basics of process management
process strategies
process designs
process implementation
process controlling
several tools for process planning, optimization and controlling This lecture was particularly interesting because it was design to fit process and product development environments which can be found in modern companies.
The main points of this lecture are:
planing, controlling and monitoring
institutional, functional and personal aspects
strategic, operative and normative management
company organization and culture
personnel management
change management
fields of action: establishment, growth, change and crisis
aspects of international business management Project Management Function Analysis Destructive Analysis Layout Masterpages Examination Results Metallurgy Creative Process Ergonomic Process and Concepts Technical Drafts Concept 1: Swan Concept 2: Fleur Concept 3: Smart Call This device is especially designed for patients in hospitals and nursing homes which will be manufactured by the german producer “hospicall”.

This project combined knowledge of
design (creativity tools, prototyping, ergonomics, etc.)
engineering (constructions, production methods, etc.)
business (market research, financing, project management, etc.) The project was a valuable opportunity to apply the knowledge of the different lectures and seminars provided by this master degree. For example, being the project leader of a group of 10 students, I was responsible for:
time scheduling
preparing work packages
occupancy of laboratories
the overall documentation of the project
developing layout templates with Adobe Indesign,
gathering the examination results and
combining them into one final document. The goal of this project was the development of three concepts for a new cordless handheld device to transmit emergency calls. This was the presentation of my master program Product Design and Process Development 19 Thank you for your attention.
I hope you liked it Made by: Philipp Diehl | Karolingerring 24 | 50678 Cologne | Email: philipp.diehl@hotmail.de
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