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"The Ninny"


violet reid-sharp

on 4 October 2012

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Transcript of "The Ninny"

"The Ninny" Place & Time Setting the prevailing feeling created and felt throughout a story mood the way in which a statement is voiced tone a quality that arouses expectation or uncertainty suspense "The Ninny" is set in the late 19th century, the same period of time in which the author lived. The story takes place in Russia, in the home of a presumably wealthy family the story starts with a man inviting the governess of his children, Yulia Vassilyevna,into his study the location in which the story occurs is especially important to the mood of the story as it is the place in the home in which a man is the most powerful. The prevalent mood felt throughout the story is tense and intimidating several factors can be attributed to the intimidating atmosphere felt throughout the story the power men had in comparison to a women during that time period The superiority of the higher class as compared to the working class The control a master had over his servants these aspects create not only an intimidating atmosphere but a tense mood as well expressed through the governesses fear to speak out and the masters frustration with her. This mood can be felt in all aspects of the master and the governesses actions. example "(we agreed to give you thirty rubles a month) (forty) (no thirty, i made a note of it)" In this instance the man uses his superiority and power to control the governess, stopping her from speaking out against the injustices being committed. example "(merci) she whispered. I jumped up, and began pacing up and down the room. I was in a furious temper. a short story by Anton Chekhov it is at this point in the story when the calm and orderly facade created by the man breaks, and the tense mood becomes more prevalent, pushing the man to reveal the truth of his actions both of the characters in the story have a distinct tone, this gives a feel for the characters personalities since their tones are directly influenced by how they deal with a situation. the mans tone in this story is arrogant and conceited; "(why didn't you protest? why did you keep your mouth shut? is it possible that there is anyone in the world who is so spineless?)" employer/master the masters tone thoroughly reflects his standing and class, as well as his personality governess/Yulia Vassilyevna the governess's tone is very timid; "Her eyes filled with tears, and her thin, pretty little nose was shining with perspiration. Poor little child! (I only took money once)she said in a trembling voice." just like the man's, Yulias tone very much reflect her social standing, as she is a member of the lower class. Although she does not talk much in the story, her actions in the story reflect her tone as well. the suspense in this story comes from watching the governess's money slowly dwindling. it is suspenseful as it creates uncertainty in regards to the outcome of her and her paycheck; How much money will be left in the end? What will her final reaction be? the suspense in this story is important because it makes the ending that much more important as the man confesses to his trick showing his true colours. the end
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