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Shake it up!!

Love the new hit disney channel program shake it up?? If soo then watch this prezi!!!! :P

Holly Sparkes

on 15 March 2011

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Transcript of Shake it up!!

CeCe Jones CeCe Jones is confident, mischievous and even a little pushy, but she always has a plan. She has always wanted to be a dancer for as long as she can remember, and thanks to her big break on Shake It Up, Chicago!, she is even more determined that she and Rocky will be stars one day, whether Rocky likes it or not. Rocky
Blue Sweet, smart and responsible, Rocky is a good girl who is sometimes too good for her own good. Fortunately, her best friend (and fellow Shake It Up, Chicago! dancer) CeCe Jones always seems to find new ways to push her to try new things… even if they always don't turn out the way she imagined Flynn
Jones Sure, CeCe's little brother Flynn may look cute, but he is also wise beyond his years, knows how to take advantage of any situation, and has big appetites for bacon, video games and driving his older sister up the wall. Deuce
Martinez Cool and connected, Deuce is Rocky and CeCe's street-smart buddy who makes a point of being in the know about everything. He's the guy with the inside track. If you need concert tickets, he's your guy. But you didn't get it from him, you know what I'm sayin'? Ty Blue Rocky's older brother Ty is cool, hip and sarcastic. (Yeah right.) He has smooth moves as as dancer and even smooother moves with the ladies or so he'd like to think Gunter & Tinka
Hessenuffer Gunther and Tinka Hessenheffer are fraternal twins from a small mountain country with an unpronounceable name. With their distinctive accents and a fondness for wearing sparkly clothing, these two definitely don't blend into a crowd. They are the "frenemies" of Rocky and CeCe at Shake It Up, Chicago! and at school. Here's a video of Harriet & I doing the shake it up advert!!!!!
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