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Andi Mag

on 30 October 2014

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Transcript of PA


Paraguay River
Economic data

406.752 km2

POPULATION 2013 (estimate):

6.700.000 inhabitants


* Spanish

* Guarani
"Mba'éichapa" is similar to "Hola, que tal" or "Hello, how are you"
1 Dollar (05/09/14) = 4.360 G (60.78 INR)
Minimum wage: US $ 418,36 (G. 1.824.055)
Cumulative inflation (August 2014): 2,5 %
GDP (2013): US $ 29,740 million
GDP per capita (2013): US $ 4,368.23
Real GDP variation 2013: 13,3%
Population growth rate: 1.9%
Unitary State
Republic - Representative democracy
Elections are every
Three Branches:
• Executive
• Bicameral legislature (Senate and Chamber of Deputies)
• Judiciary
2011 - UNASUR
Music: Polka and guarania
Most popular musical instruments: harp and guitar

Structure of GDP by origin 2012
Source: Central Bank of Paraguay
Ciudad del Este
Pedro Juan Caballero
Itaipu Binational
Binational Entity Yacyreta
Mbaracayu Reserve
Jesuit reductions
Paraná River
"Jopara" (a mixture of Guaraní and Spanish)
Pic by: www.elnordestino.com
Pic by: www.cultura.gov.py
Pic by: www.elivinader.com.py
Pic by: http://es.wikipedia.org/wiki/Paraguay
Source: www.abc.com.py
Literature & Poetry
Source: http://lamarquesina.com.py/upcdn/2012/06/roa-bastos.jpg
Pic by: www.abc.com.py
Source: www.senatur.gov.py
Source: www.senatur.gov.py
Source: www.senatur.gov.py
Source: www.senatur.gov.py
Source: www.senatur.gov.py
Source: www.senatur.gov.py
Source: http://www.centralnoticias.com.py
Source: www.abc.com.py
Source: www.wwf.org.py
Source: www.senatur.gov.py
Source: http://www.portalguarani.com
Aquifer Guarani
Clean Energy
"Young" Country: The age group of 0-34 years represents
69 %
of the total population.
Historic sites
Cristal waterfall
Tres Kandu Hill
Chaco War Military Fort
Sapucai old Train Station
Encarnación Beach
Bay of Asunción
Festivity in honor of St. Peter
New Dheli
Parana River
Other data of interest
Population with Internet-connected computer: 25.1 %
Population with cell phone: 92,2 %

Source: DGEEC
Paraguayan Women
Source: www.abc.com.py
Monument in honor of the "Residenta"
Bottle dance
Dance with couple
Manuel Ortíz Guerrero
Augusto Roa Bastos
Cervantes Award in 1989
Agustín Pío Barrios
José Asunción Flores
Source: Own pictures
Source: Own pictures
Source: Own pictures
Source: Own picture
Source: www.encarnacion.com.py
General Budget of the Nation 2014
US $ 7.221 million
Distribution in key sectors:
Source: Law Nº 5142/14 - www.hacienda.gov.py
Good Friday in Tañarandy
Source: www.abc.com.py
It was created as a technical body with requisite autonomy through Law No. 95/91
Its law N°
"Organic and Functional" allows to have functional and administrative autonomy.
It is the Agency of Control of economic and financial activities of the State, the Departments and Municipalities, in the form determined by the National Constitution
It is exercised by a Comptroller and a Sub Comptroller during five years in their functions and they will be able to be reelected for one more period.

They shall be appointed by the Chamber of Deputies and the Senate of the Republic of Paraguay.

For audit work, the Comptroller through the resolutions of work transfers to the auditors duties and powers established in the Law Nº 276/94 to audit work.

The spread of all audits are published through the web site at executive summaries to publicize the results of the same to the citizen.

At regional level, Paraguay is part of
(Latin American and Caribbean Organization of Supreme Audit Institutions) and many SAI's have broader powers, however, the function of our SAI ends in reporting the administrative and criminal irregularities and subsequently forwarded the evidence of damage to the Prosecution.
• Ensure compliance with legislation relating to financial administration.

• Protect the public patrimony, establishing rules and procedures.

• Perform periodic audits financial, administrative and operational to control over resources, expenditure and investment of the funds of the public sector.

* Its mission is:
"We promote the transparent management of public patrimony, through monitoring activities committed to the welfare of our citizens."

* Its vision is:
"Institution that leads the culture of control and provides timely response on the use of public resources."
• The control, monitoring and control of public assets and heritage of the state.

• The Control of the General Budget of the Nation.

• The receipt of the affidavits of assets of public officials.

• The complaint to the ordinary courts and to the Executive Branch of any offense which has knowledge by reason of their duties.

• Dictate the internal regulations, standards, manuals of procedures and imparter instructions required for compliance with the law.
• A quality management system through the certification ISO 9001:2008.

• Mechanisms for receiving citizen complaints, to have a joint work with the society.

• Implement the model of Internal Control Standard for public entities of Paraguay (

• The audit entity has a government audit manual called
. It contains rules based on activities which will be implemented for monitoring and control.

• All the audit works are made based on this Manual that in addition explain the procedures of specialized audits such as management audits, public works or environmental.
The adoption of the MECIP, Standard Model of internal control, it is a tool that facilitates to the institutions of the State, the management of public funds, including a look at the strategic levels of management.

The MECIP was issued as a resolution of the Office of the Comptroller and a decree by the Executive Branch, who has ordered its mandatory use in all state entities.

The entity auditor has devoted his efforts to spread and continues to make actions aimed at its implementation.
The name of the manual we use has its origins in the language of our ancestors Guarani Indians which means "tesa": eye and "reko": who cares
The Comptroller General of the Republic of Paraguay is a body that receives public funds based on a budget approved by the national treasury to fulfill its functions.

Its budget is insufficient for the fulfillment of its functions and powers, because it represents only 0.34 % of the General Budget of the Nation.

The budget allocation for fiscal year 2014 amounted to 24,505,655 US Dollars
According to the memory 2013, the General Comptroller of the Republic of Paraguay has a staff of 887 employees distributed in the following areas:
Source: DGEEC
Source: Law Nº 5142/14 - www.hacienda.gov.py
Humaita Ruins
Source: Cátedra Olivera
General Directorate for the Control of Assets of the State

Is the Organizational Unit responsible for monitoring the administration, use, control, custody, classification and accounting for the assets of the Paraguayan State

General Directorate for the Control of Public Works

Is the Organizational Unit responsible for conducting the control of the execution of public works made by the agencies and entities of the state
Resolution No. 349/12
Resolution No. 325/13
Resolution No. 325/13
Work Order No. 01/12
Resolution No. 716/12
Resolution No. 716/12
General Directorate for the Control of Public Works
Atlantic Ocean
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