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Managers Meeting - GIS

GIS Updates, Trends and Summit

Jenny Gnan

on 11 June 2010

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Transcript of Managers Meeting - GIS

1. INTRODUCTIONS 2. GIS TRENDS 3. GIS SUMMIT 4. GIS SOP People who can help you
with GIS Questions? Mike Kane: Office Manager (Buffalo)

Jenny Gnanendran: GIS Manager (Buffalo)

Derek Amerlinck: Sub-group Manager (Buffalo)

Greg Coniglio: Sub-group Manager (Buffalo)

Jeff Comstock: Sr. Analyst (Portland) Cartographic tips to improve quality of deliverables

Case studies - DoD, local government, wind and linear projects

Data management best practices

Specialized GIS topics - interpolation methods, suitability analysis, 3D modeling, and hydrological modeling

GIS web and desktop application development 101

Business development with input from Dan Castle and Amy Vankerhove

SOP development sessions
Trends: Integrated Web-mapping Applications Kuwait IMS FPL EDMS Trends: The Technology Trends: Improved Cartographic Options 3D Mapping/Visualization Google Sketchup WTG Simulations Subsurface Strata Why? Exchange ideas between offices

Familiarize all of our staff with the different and new technologies that are available

To discuss best practices within our industry in an attempt to provide more consistency to GIS deliverables companywide Highlights included...
Chapter 1 - GIS Analyst Knowledge, Skills and Abilities

Chapter 2 - Directory Structure and File Naming Conventions

Chapter 3 - Mapping Standards

Chapter 4 - QA/QC Procedures

Chapter 5 - GPS Protocols
SOP Sections Include... Roll-out Schedule Draft SOP (Complete)
Present at Managers Meeting
Gather feedback from
dedicated users
Finalize SOP
(end of May)
Set-up "buddy"system
Monitor and QA Deliverables
GIS: Trends and Summit Update Thank you!

Questions?? Hello world
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