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Oral Presentation - Music and the Brain

No description

Amanda White

on 4 September 2015

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Transcript of Oral Presentation - Music and the Brain

Positive Effects of Music on the Brian

How does music effect your body?
Research Related to Music and Learning
Future of Music Within the Classroom
Music Heals
Physical Performance
Music and the Brain
The Mozart Effect
Stanford University School of Medicine
Lozanov’s studies
Why have music in the classroom?
1.) Mental capacity and intellect.
2.) Mastery of the physical self.
3.) Development of the affective aspect.
4.) Development of creativity.
How many people listen to music
while they study or work?
Who listens to classical music?
1. Reduction in feeling fatigue.
2. Increase in levels of motivation.
3. Relaxing
(Van der Linde,1999)
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