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Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

No description

Blakeley Woessner

on 21 April 2015

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Transcript of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
born in Salzburg, Austria
Mozart's Music
- Perfected every musical form in his time
- Grace, charm, effortless
- Master of creating melodies
- Loved contrast
- Absorbed style from other composers, i.e.
Haydn, J.S. Bach, J.C. Bach
- Catalogued by Köchel – all compositions
have a K. number
Symphony No. 40
K.550, 1st Movement
- One of three symphonies from Vienna, 1788
- Filled with dramatic contrasts
- A drama without words: memorable
personalities, conflict and resolution
- The themes are like characters
- The first has a quietly agitated
accompaniment, with the melody going downward by step
- The second uses longer notes and is much
End of Mozart's Life
- Composed 17 piano concertos in the 10 years
before he died (age 35)
- Downfall, depression and despair in Vienna
- The Requiem was commissioned in July 1791
- Died age 35 of rheumatic fever, Dec 5, 1791

father was a composer - Leopold Mozart. He recognized his son's talent early
Toured Europe to meet composers, perform, and learn about styles of composition and performance
Went to Vienna in 1781 hoping to support himself by performing, composing, and teaching
Wolfgang at age 7
Child Prodigy
Wolfgang and Nannerl (Maria Anna) were keyboard virtuosos
Toured Europe 1762-1773
improvised, performed, sight-read
1st minuets- age 5
1st symphony- almost 9
1st oratorio -age 11
1st opera -age 12
exposed to a variety of music
Nannerl stopped performing
Piano concertos
Violin and horn concertos
Clarinet Concerto – first ever written, first use of
clarinet in orchestras
Chamber music
Requiem in D minor (unfinished)
Sonata Form
- new to the classical period
- great for creating a drama without words

3 ''Acts''
1. Exposition
2. Development
3. Recapitulation
optional: ''coda'' (''tail'')
Eine kleine Nachtmusik
"A Little Night Music"
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart - 1756-1791 (35 years)
Maria Anna "Nannerl" - 1751-1829 (78 years)
Leopold Mozart (Father) - 1719-1787 (68 years)
Anna Maria (Mother) - 1720-1778 (58 years)
entire Requiem
2 sections:
Confutatis and Lacrimosa
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