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Year 9 Who Killed Jeremy?

No description


on 26 February 2017

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Transcript of Year 9 Who Killed Jeremy?

What do you think?
Jeremy Burns was brutally murdered whilst enjoying a drink in The Castle pub, in the village of Castleton, on Tuesday 30th April at around 8.15pm. He was aged 28 and single, believed to be a visitor from the Sheffield area. He was dead within seconds of being attacked; post mortem revealed two slash wounds to the chest.
Incident Details:
What is Castleton Like?
The Crime Scene
The question was...

Who Killed Him?
You decide...
Farmer Giles...
Aged 54, married with 3 children. Claims he often visits The Castle and enjoys a pint of mild following a long day milking the herds. Also stated that he has no motive…but do you believe him??
Aged 21, single. Says he was in the back room washing glasses when he heard a male voice screaming abuse, and then a thud. Described a peaceful day in the pub previous to this.
Bar Tender, Jack the Lad...
Aged 37, married. Was enjoying a drink with his ‘bit on the side’ when the disturbance occurred, therefore reluctant to give evidence. Has a reputation for being hardworking and taking his job very seriously.
National Park ranger, Gareth Goodlad.
Aged 77, widowed, 2 children. “ I was waiting for Doris –we meet for a sherry every Tuesday…my eyesight is quite poor…I just heard some fracas but didn’t spot the perpetrator.
Local resident Elsie Elsworth
Quarry owner, Rod Rotter
Aged 46, married, one child. “ I come in here every day, once I've been up to the quarry and checked my lads are alright. What would I want with a pesky tourist??I might have killed a conservationist but come on ….”
Married, aged 31. “ Well I entered the pub just before the police arrived. I love the tourists coming to visit, but to be honest I could see this coming. Not everyone is as welcoming”
B&B owner Holly Holiday
Who Killed Jeremy?
Who Killed Jeremy?
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