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Trilobite vs. Horseshoe Crabs

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Ayllip Khieu

on 8 December 2014

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Transcript of Trilobite vs. Horseshoe Crabs

The overall shape of both of the fossils are very similar. They are both have elliptical shapes
Horse Shoe Crabs
If you look this embryonic phase,
you can see it looks very much like
a trilobite. According to Charles Darwin's, theory of Evolutionary Embryology, Darwin saw that embryonic resemblances would be a very strong argument in favor of the genetic connectedness of different animal groups. “Community of embryonic structure reveals community of descent,” he would conclude in On the Origin of Species in 1859.
Soft Structures
Both, the Trilobite(certain species) and Horseshoe crabs, have tails. I think these are the soft structures of both animals.
Horse Shoe Crab Embryo
Thank you!
Trilobites and Horse Shoe Crabs look very in shape.
It is making scientists to think that they are related.
Trilobite vs. Horse Shoe Crabs
By: Ayllip K.
Trilobites were among the most prominent of the Paleozoic marine arthropods. Horseshoe Crabs live in the ocean. Coincidence? I think not!!!
Trilobites lived from the Lower Cambrian Period (521 million years ago) to the end of the Permian (240 million years ago.)
Horseshoe crabs are often called "living fossils" because fossils of their ancestors date back almost 450 million years--that's about 200 million years before dinosaurs existed.
Other... for Trilobites
Trilobites went extinct 10 MILLION YEARS before dinosaurs existed.
The estimated reason why Trilobites went extinct
was of poor molting habits. "Molting is a very dangerous time for an arthropod. A lot of things can go wrong."-Danita Brandt of Michigan State University's Department of Geological Sciences
Other... for
Horseshoe Crabs
During the nesting season, especially in the mid-Atlantic States, horseshoe crab eggs become the major food source for migrating birds. Over 50 percent of the diet of many shorebird species consists of horseshoe crab eggs. Many bird species in Florida have been observed feeding on horseshoe crab eggs. In addition, many fish species rely on horseshoe crab eggs for food. Because of this, Horseshoe crabs are now on the endangered species list.
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