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Who Am I?

No description

Stephanie Maize

on 12 September 2013

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Transcript of Who Am I?

Who Am I?
15 Facts About Me
1. My favorite movie genres are horror, coming of age, and comedies.
2. I am a vegetarian and have been for
the past 6 years (since grade 7).
3. My favorite holiday is and has always been, Halloween.
4. I am an introvert.
5. I have a fear of deep dark water
(and the animals that live in it).

6. I am very gullible.
7. My favorite foods are cherries, strawberries, Chinese food, and cheese cake.
8. I love old cars (1950'-70's)
9. I have a dog named "Lucky".
10. I am very organized.

11. I really enjoy traveling and so far I have been to Jamaica, Hawaii and various other parts of the U.S.
12. The two places I want to travel to the most are New Orleans and Greece.
13. I have self diagnosed anger management issues.
14. I want to be a Psychiatrist when I get older.
15. I have a job working at the Huron County Museum, the Historic Gaol, and the Marine Museum in the summer.
My Name
First Name
Stephanie; of Greek origin meaning "Crown".

Middle Name
Alexandra; of Greek origin meaning "Protector of Mankind".

Last Name
Maize; of English origin, a variant form of May, meaning the month of May.
Looking Glass Theory
1. The smell of food while it is being cooked (especially bacon).
2. Foam on top of drinks.
3. Sharing just about anything with my brothers.
4. When you are trying to sleep and there is a fly in the room and it lands on your face or buzzes near your ears.
5. Being woken up, by an alarm clock, or a person.
6. The fact that literally every single time that I am drinking a beverage, I spill it.


My Family Tree
My Birthday is
September 16, 1996.
My zodiac sign is Virgo.
I dislike
the following:
Impressions They Have Of Me
Clothing; particular, comfortable, clean.
Hair; medium length, brown, well kept.
Music; pop.
Character Attributes/ Mannerisms; funny, intelligent, respectful, thoughtful, gentle, kind.
Ethnicity/ Culture; Canadian, Irish, Scottish.
Interests/ Hobbies; reading, pinterest, movies, friends and family.
Other; likes horror movies, favorite season is fall.
Clothing; normal, colourful.
Hair; short, brown.
Music; pop.
Character Attributes/ Mannerisms; shy, odd, funny.
Ethnicity/ Culture; Canadian, Caucasian.
Interests/ Hobbies; reading, films, hanging out with friends.
Other; going for walks, good person, nice.
Clothing; casual, comfortable.
Hair; normal, neat, short, casual.
Music; modern, pop, upbeat, rap, classic.
Character Attributes/ Mannerisms; calm (go with the flow), loud, funny, nice, quite, not opinionated, shy, polite,
sweet, easily agitated.
Ethnicity/ Culture; Canadian, Irish.
Interests/ Hobbies; movies, reading, pinterest, relaxing, art.
Other; movies, thoughtful and caring.
Clothing; comfortable, a lot of dark colours, casual.
Hair; medium length, brown, soft.
Music; alternative rock, indie, pop, classics.
Character Attributes/ Mannerisms; nice, shy, treats others the way I would
want to be treated, intelligent, calm, thoughtful, respectful.
Ethnicity/ Culture; Canadian, Irish (I grew up thinking I was Native American).
Interests/ Hobbies; reading, art, spending time with friends and family, films.
Other; vegetarian, loves animals, organized, love sleeping.
Charles Cooley's "Looking Glass Theory" states that a person's self, grows out of societies interpersonal interactions, and the perception of others. Meaning that you, are the way you are, because of the way that other people perceive you. I would say that this has some truth in my life because I definitely act differently around my family, than I do my friends. I would be a lot more likely to disagree with my family, because they know I like sharing my opinion, where as with my friends, I would be more likely to go with the flow, not wanting to upset anyone, which is exactly what they would expect of me.
I am not
what I
think I am,
I am not
what you
think I am,
I am what
I think,
you think
I am.
Funny stories?
Growing up I was always a very tan child, and I have always had dark hair and eyes. So for the longest time, I thought I was Native American, when I actually very much wasn't (I would even confidently tell people that I was Native American).
Life altering experiences?
After my grandfather passed away when I was quite young, maybe eight or so, I realized that death was something that actually happened, and from that moment on, I have been a hypochondriac. It also made me very superstitious, and I thoroughly believed that the new pajamas I wore that night were cursed, and so I never wore them again.
As I get older I realize
that sometimes you just need to let things be, relax, and not worry so much.
Both sides of my family are Irish.
Timeline of the most important events in my life.
- I was born September 16, in Goderich, at 5:00 p.m.
- My brother Nicholas was born on August 21.
- My brother Tanner was born on January 22.
- I started kindergarten at Brookside Public School.
- Graduated Brookside Public School.
- Started grade 9 at GDCI.
- Hawaii with my mom.
- Trip to Chicago.
- Went to Jamaica with the entire Maize side of my family for my cousin Jill and Trevor's wedding.

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