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Pewamo-Westphalia Graduation 2013

No description

Eric Johnston

on 1 June 2014

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Transcript of Pewamo-Westphalia Graduation 2013

Fifth Grade
Alexis Celis
Alexis Celis

loves bacon and so does......
Rachel Mauren
Rachel Mauren
is left -handed. So is.........
Brandon Wandell
Brandon's favorite color is Red.

That is also........
Luis Lopez's favorite color!
Luis loves pizza!
So does.......
Ethan Brewer!!!
Ethan's bus driver is Mrs. Raines.
She also drives the bus for...
Taryn Miller
Taryn's favorite condiment is salsa so is...
Tay's favorite team to watch is the TIGERS, and so is.....
Anna's birthday is in May.
Guess who else has a May birthday??????????
Mackenzie Andrews!!!!!!!!!!
Mackenzie loves summer,
and so does......
Austin Banghart
Austin has only sisters. Another student with only sisters is...
Robert Rock
Robert has a cousin in class.
His name is...
Parker Tratnik
Parker plays the clarinet.

So does...
Brendan Cassel
The weirdest food Brendan's ever tried is squid. Guess who else has tried this....
Jeremy Teachout
Jeremy doesn't like to sing and neither does...
Sharon Britten
Sharon's favorite condiment is ketchup so is ...
Brooklyn Hengesbach's
Brooklyn's favorite sport is basketball so is...
Skylar Ferguson's
Skylar has a dog so does...
Santos Manzano Francisco
Santos loves spaghetti,
and so does.........
Mariah May!
Mariah's favorite college is Michigan State,

and ya' know who else loves the Spartans????
Savannah McQueen
Savannah rocks it in softball.

So does.......
Madison Miller!
Madison's favorite color is PINK.

Do you know who else
digs pink?
Macy Smith
Macy's locker number is 23.

That is right next door to number 22...
Grace Simon
Speaking of Simon,

someone else in here shares that name.
Brett Simon
Brett's favorite food is roast beef.

Another person whose favorite food is beef is...
Evyn Moffitt
Evyn calls March his birth month.

So does....
Seth Shields
Seth's favorite book is
by Louis Sachar
Conner Clark loves that book too!
Conner has two siblings,

just like...
Jared LaVoie
Jared is right handed, and so is...
Dashira Serrano
Dashira dislikes bullies.

She shares this dislike with
Mr. J
Field Day Fun!!
Who's fired up for a dissection?
Mackinac mischief...
Just hanging with
my buds...
CLASS OF 2020.
The Best is Yet to Come.
Dr. Seuss Breakfast 2012
Consumer's Energy Presentation
Mini Economy Stores

Fourth Grade
Who falls asleep
like this????
Robert is feeling a
little "in the pits".
Looks like Jared
made a new friend
in Mackinaw City.
You're a "pretty big deal"
if you get a boat ride up
close and personal to
Mighty Mac.
Who told you
the boat
ride would
be cold?
The crew of this ship
knew we were a big deal
so they waved to us.
He really is steering
with his foot!
The whole crew,
ready for home.
"Going down
below does
sound like
a good idea."
Yep, too cold
for them too!
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