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Early American Voices: Puritans vs. Explorers

No description

Andrea Rogers

on 11 September 2015

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Transcript of Early American Voices: Puritans vs. Explorers

Puritans vs. European Explorers
The American
: Early Voices

Map makers and adventure seekers
Gold seekers
Religious zealots
Skilled laborers and unskilled politicians
Who: English, French,
Spanish, and Italian
Community and country pride
Financial gain
Convert native populations
The Dream:
1. Primary source accounts in journals and letters
2. Propaganda
2. Maps, legends, and cultural artifacts
3. Cultural myth and nostalgia
Literary Legacy:
Religious zealots and non-Catholics: Puritans
middle-class intellectuals
unskilled laborers
Who: Dutch and English
Christian reformers
Religious "freedom
Convert natives
The Dream:
Journals and letters
Sermons, religious documents
Cultural artifacts
Financial records, business transactions
Literary Legacy
objective facts
sensory details
direct quotations
subjective feelings
Primary Source --
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