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How is Ha a Dynamic character?

No description

alaa mody

on 13 October 2014

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Transcript of How is Ha a Dynamic character?

In the book inside out and back again the main character is Ha she is a ten year old girl from south Vietnam. Ha is a dynamic character because she changes over time and has a complex personality. Ha ls living in a time where there is war going on in her country.
Inside out and back again
Ha feels sorry for her brother as she states in the poem 'Last Respectes'" so their pain seems unreal next to brother Khoi's" this shows that Ha is changing from being jealous of her brothers to caring for them and feeling their pain.
Ha shows sympathy
In the poem 'One Engine' Ha's mother hugs Ha because it feels dangerous Ha states" mother won't release me." this shows that Ha changed because she was always close to her that her brothers told her she was her mother's tail because she is aways 3 steps away from her and now she wants to break free from her mom.
a hug from mom
i think that Ha is a dynamic character because she changes over time and has a complicated personality. one example is, Ha was always with her mom and also being near her. she also stated that she loves being near her. but Ha changed now because when her mother hug her she wanted to break free. so this is how Ha is a dynamic character.
inference about Ha
by:Alaa Elthmody 8e3
1.Ha is a character who changes over time.
2. Ha has a complicated personality .

How is Ha a Dynamic character?
Feeling Guilty

In the poem 'The Moon' Ha is feeling guilty she states" I feel guilty having not once thought of father." this shows that Ha has a complex character traits because she was wishing to see her father and now she is feeling bad because she didn't thought once about him.
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