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Creating New Compositions: Using Prezi Palettes to Reinvigorate Information Literacy Instruction

Presentation given at LOEX Conference, May 10 2014

Terri Artemchik

on 19 October 2015

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Transcript of Creating New Compositions: Using Prezi Palettes to Reinvigorate Information Literacy Instruction

Using Prezi Palettes to Reinvigorate Information Literacy Instruction
Terri Artemchik, Information Literacy Librarian
Amy Fyn, Coordinator of Library Instruction
Coastal Carolina University
Creating New Compositions
What is Prezi?
Our Story
Web-based presentation tool
"Prezi is a virtual whiteboard that transforms presentations from monologues into conversations: enabling people to see, understand, and remember ideas."
Quirky, constantly evolving, user focused, flexible
Beauty, simplicity, curiosity, responsiveness, help people share ideas, engage with surroundings, learn from mistakes, diverse, eager, keep promises
"Small improvements are the best way to move mountains."
Our Prezi Story
Information Literacy Program @ Kimbel Library
Sharing is Caring
New librarian + Prezi =
Common SLOs
Design Strategies
Going Forward
Where to Get Help
Reduced prep time
Engaged & interested students
Increased collaboration
Positive faculty response
Ability to maintain instructor authenticity
Motion sickness inducing presentations
Steep Learning Curve
Unfamiliar formatting process

"It's impossible to throw one together the day before if you're working on a tight schedule and starting from scratch.
(It happens.)"
Major edits to the template
Librarians new to Prezi had difficulty with:
Editing the path
Resizing or moving frames (especially invisible frames)
Think & plan before you start
Find a theme/design concept
Use size and rotation to convey meaning, i.e. use
same font for headings, subheadings and body
Create your own process
Zoom and rotate sparingly and to make a point
To be more effective Prezi designer
Creating and editing content (formatting, grouping & effects)
More familiarity with the program
Kimbel Library IL Program
Students will be able to:
Librarian buy-in
for Prezi Success
Use appropriate visuals, i.e. make sure the visual
connects to the content
Reusable, public templates available on LOEX site
Prezi pre-made templates
Prezi Educational Community (Edu License)
Prezi manual
Twitter & Facebook
FYE Student Learning Outcomes
Investigate the scope, content, and organization of information retrieval systems in order to select appropriate tools for information needs
Identify at least two criteria to consider when evaluating sources in order to evaluate reliability, validity, accuracy, authority, timeliness, and point of view or bias
templates for higher level classes
SLOs & learning objects
Learning Objects
Raise your hand if....
you've seen a Prezi.
you've created a Prezi.
you are interested in learning more about Prezi.
Distinguish between popular and scholarly sources in order to choose appropriate sources for information need
Lack of time
Knowledge gap
Confidence with platform
Two librarians didn't use the templates.
& Best Practices
magazine layouts
visual concept from content
Credit bearing courses
Discipline specific one shots
Evolving relationships with first year courses

First Year Experience
One shot assignment based instruction
Back to one shot instruction
ENG 101/102
IL Lab Course
One shot assignment based instruction
Train the Trainer
many sections
non-standard assignments
need for common SLOs & assessment
need to accommodate instructor requests & librarian teaching style
Challenges of Addressing FYE & ENG:
Template Development Process
Identification of SLOs for 100 level courses
Creation of templates incorporating intro frames, learning objects, blank frames and wrap up frames
Templates shared with librarians
Templates copied
into individual librarian Prezi accounts
Librarian modification of the templates to their own individual teaching needs and teaching style

What SLOs do you have for first year students?
What do you find yourself teaching over and over again?
Provided focus and direction while teaching
Screenshot zooming to direct students while searching
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