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Rosalie- the goddess of beauty and nature.

No description

Jean Sienkowski

on 15 November 2013

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Transcript of Rosalie- the goddess of beauty and nature.

The reason why I decided to chose her
I decided to create Rosalie the goddess of beauty, nature, and protection because there is no one like her. She is unique in her own way and she isn't going to change. Also because everyone needs to see that being different is good.
Where she is from
Rosalie is the long lost sister of Zeus and Poseidon. Now Poseidon can be jealous of Zeus and his "new" sister Rosalie.
Rosalie's strengths and weaknesses

By Morgan Corneil
Rosalie is the goddess of beauty, nature, and protection. Her symbol is the mocking jay because it stands for a symbol of protection.
Some of her strengths are the ability to grow and defend others if they are in danger. One of her weaknesses are people not accepting them selves.
She is positive
Rosalie is a positive aspect to our society because she can help protect people and animals from danger.
Why she is Significant to 21st century
She is significant to the 21st century because if she wasn't created we would all die of lack of oxygen and starvation. We would die of that because we wouldn't have animals for food and no nature for oxygen.
Rosalie should be elected as ruler of the Olympians.
Rosalie should be elected ruler of the Olympians because she will protect everyone and make sure they will be safe.
The symbol
The symbol of Rosalie is the mocking jay because it represents protection like she does
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