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Endangered Species Power Point Presentation

Question 4

Jessica Davis

on 31 January 2013

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Transcript of Endangered Species Power Point Presentation

What human activities
endanger wildlife? Predator Introduction Actions The United States Is Taking to Help Biodiversity International Attempts to Save Biodiversity Introduced Species Unsustainable Hunting Large Predators
and Trophies Global Warming Habitat Destruction Habitat Destruction Many species have become extinct or endangered due to habitat destruction for human land-use purposes. Forests are being heavily logged, swamps drained, and grasslands developed into cities. Many large predators are killed because they compete with human hunters for wild game like deer and elk. Species like mountain lions, wolves, bears, panthers and cougars are also hunted and showcased as trophies. In many places, vulnerable native species have been decimated by non-native species imported by humans. Predators like domestic cats and dogs, herbivores like cattle and sheep, diseases, and broadly-feeding omnivores like pigs have killed, starved and and have out competed many native species. Most species are introduced to help control a population, however most turn tragic for the native species. Over hunting and over fishing have threatened species since hunting and fishing were originally developed in an effective form.
A few species effected by unsustainable hunting are: the America Bison, big horn sheep, grizzly bears, timber wolves, bald eagles, and the Gulf of Mexico sea turtules. The United States has taken up cataloging to help keep track of and protect more species and other elements that help biodiversity. International and non-government funded agencies are attempting to protect endangered species or to develop more comprehensive strategies that focus on large ecosystems being conserved.
Some species these groups target are the giant panda, grizzly bears, whales and whooping cranes. Actions to Protect Endangered Species An endangered species (plant or animal) is at risk of extinction or "expiration" at any given time, most of these activities come from human activity. Extinct species no longer exist anywhere on Earth, and once they are gone they are gone forever.
Extirpated species have become extinct locally or regionally, but are not completely gone and may still survive in captivity.
Threatened species are at risk of becoming endangered in the near future. Every day humans participate in activities that are bad for our environment. Driving and industrialization are two of most common things that everyone participates in. Global warming occurs in all parts of the world but mainly occurs in highly industrialized areas like China and Japan. It's up to us to save the world
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