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Student Technology Showcase


Gary Abud Jr

on 28 October 2009

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Transcript of Student Technology Showcase

L'Anse Creuse High School North
Science Department Presents: Caitlin Jaclyn Alex Fabio Web 2.0 to You! An Overview of Science Education & Technology:
with... Web 2.0 Google Docs:
Stores class documents
Access from anywhere
Team up and create 2nd generation of internet people add content to the web create upload software online free open source accessible anywhere share lab data teachers can create common assignments students combine notes surveys to learn about people share documents without upload/download Google Apps Google Sites Google Calendar Gmail Free Easy to Use Text, Audio & Video Chatting Customizable Blogger Speak Your Mind Embed Pics, Vids, Presentations & More Connect all Google Elements Together Multiple pages HTML & Visual Scripting Embed Calendars, Maps, Forms and Docs Publish yourself Have your own voice Share calendars Send invites text or email reminders syncs to your other calendars attach Google Doc to an event keep track of class assignments Multimedia Presentation Tools: Google Presentation Prezi Animoto Video Documenting Creative Lab Reports Dynamic Presentation Tools PowerPoint Keynote Animoto Google Presentation Prezi Video Documenting Smartboard Students present and discuss data Students practice key concepts Interactive lesson modules Educational games to reinforce ideas building an atom elements of the periodic table Students document their experiments Class discussions and activities available for absent students media used to help students review showcase student work & progress in class Blogging & Microblogging Wordpress Twitter post class updates discuss interesting links share media ask questions TinyURL.com Bit.ly
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