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Ethnic Conflict in Quebec

No description

claire thorpe

on 3 February 2015

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Transcript of Ethnic Conflict in Quebec

Ethnic Conflict in Quebec
Root of Conflict
The root of the conflict that has arised in Canada is how the English held the economic power in Quebec. French were expected to speak English, but wanted to be recognized as one of the founding nations of Canada. Starting in the 1960's Quebec started to get violent when trying to seperate from Canada and create their own french-speaking nation. Then in 1969, Canada announced French as an official language, in fear of losing Quebec.
The Form the Conflict Takes
What is the spatial extent of the conflict
Quebec is located in East Canada, and is the 2nd largest province in Canada
How long has there been tension
The tension in Quebec dates all the way back to 1760. This was when the French colony became a british possesion. The minority of English speakers came in to the french speaking Quebec, took economic power, and made English the language that would be spoken in Quebec.
What ways has this conflict been manifested
The form that this conflict takes would be tension. Because Quebec has threatened to secede
Canada, the Federal Government is always in a constant state of fear. There have even been violence also. The Front de libération du Québec was a violent uprising of french canadian nationalists who wanted recognition from Ottawa.
How many people has this affected
Examples of how this conflict presents itself at a global, regional, and local scale:
Global: at the global scale, not many
Because of this tension, there are many noticeable ways that they are basically segregated in more ways than one. Some ways include:
Road signs change from English to French as you enter the Quebec
You will also notice that the people there speak french instead of English
Some people may even dress or behave differently because their traditions differ from the rest of Canada.
Regional: this affects regional because since french got admitted as a official language, road signs have been different, and two languages are seen on many things.
Local: Part of bill 101, french parents can only enroll their kids in french schools.
Ethnic groups
in Quebec
Canadian 4,897,475
French 2,111,570
Irish 291,545
Italian 249,205
English 218,415
Personal Opinion/solution
In our personal opinion, we think that Quebec should still be apart of Canada, but have their own governments system. This would keep the peace between them
This conflict effects 35.16 million citizens of Canada primarily those from Quebec (8.18 million)
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