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Child Abuse Awareness

No description

Macy Parker

on 7 March 2016

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Transcript of Child Abuse Awareness

We want to try to prevent child abuse & To inform people all over the world about child abuse.
Our Reason Why
Child Abuse Awareness
Physical Abuse
Sexual Abuse
Emotional Maltreatment

Types of Abuse
This book was one of the reasons why we were inspired to create this project. In this book, there is a mother, that was always drunk, had multiple children. She only abused one. The children's father tried to help the mother, but it was no use. The child suffered years of abuse until being taken out of the home. This book was written by Dave Pelzer, he was the child that was continuously abused.
A Child Called It
This is a statistical map of how many children died while being monitored by welfare from 2008 to 2013
Child Abuse Happens All Over The World
April is Child Abuse Prevention Month

November 19 is World Child Abuse Prevention Day
If you need to talk to someone there are many places to call & many people to talk to, but this is just one.
In The United States in 2005-2006
Our Symbol
We decided to symbolize our project by creating a mascot. The mascot we chose is a peacock. We chose this because, when a peacock's feathers are down you do not know the beauty the peacock truly has, until it spreads its wings. When you see a child that has suffered some form of abuse or neglect at first you don't know how emotionally/mentally damaged they are until you get to know them or start talking to them.
Created By: Ashtyn, Hayley, Hope, & Macy
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