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10th Grade Life Map

No description

maggie cady

on 19 March 2013

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Transcript of 10th Grade Life Map

15-95+ in increments of 10 Maggie's Life Map 15-25 85-95+ 1. Finish having kids
2. Break off from whatever fashion house I am working at and create my own line and house. The same way Tom Ford or Stella Mcartney did.
3. Own a red convertible mini-cooper.
4. maintain a healthy and happy marriage.
5. Have a girls trip to Monte Carlo.
6. Own a flat in London, NYC and Tokyo, a large country house in England, a townhouse in Paris and a beach cottage... Maybe in Greece.
7. Be there to see all of my children's milestones.
8. Teach all my children how to throw a baseball or softball.
9. Be an aunt.
10. Have a massive family reunion.
11.Teach my kids how to swim.
12. Take a road trip across Europe.
13. Go wine tasting.
14. Throw a dinner party where everyone actually enjoys themselves.
15. Remain active and healthy as my life progresses.
16. Go to the olympics (summer or winter)
17. Support my children's dreams
18. Go zip lining through a rainforest
19. Find or rediscover lasting faith
20. Get two black lab puppies 35-45 1. Have dressed someone for the Oscars, the Golden Globes and the Grammys.
2. Go to one of my children's or my niece or nephew's wedding.
3. Stay in touch with friends from all parts and times of my life.
4. make amends with any rifts I've had with people I care about.
5. Visit my parents... make sure they are still healthy and happy.
6. Go back to my favorite places in the world with my husband.
7. Still run my company, but be open to new ideas.
8. Start to look for a prodigy or successor.
9. Get health and well being check ups regularly.
11. Travel to Easter Island and Peru.
12. Own two horses and go on rides with my husband.
13. Have another family reunion.
14. take up the piano again.
15. Have an original Monet and Degas in my house.
16. Go ice skating with my husband, children and their (if any) significant others.
17. Own an adult cardigan corgi.
18. Go to an amusement park and go on all the rides.
19. Do volunteer work in orphanages in Africa. 55-65 65-75 1. Be a great grandmother (maybe.. depends on lots of things)
2. Still be as sharp and ornery as ever.
3. Never have done drugs in my life. (not counting alcohol b/c although technically a drug as long as its not abused I do not think of them the same way)
4. live until 100+.
5. Never have smoked a cigarette. (I am very against smoking)
6. Go to the circus with my children, grandchildren and great grandchildren.
7. Be an organ donor after my death.
8. have a legacy of some sort to be remembered by.
9. have someone that kept me humble my whole life.
10. Remain in love with my husband until the day I die.
11. Have a beautiful garden in my home.
12. Go back to Paris and remember the first time.
13. Die peacefully in my sleep, not too long before or after my husband.
14. Go fearlessly into that next great adventure. 1. Get heads list in the 3rd and 4th quarters of my sophomore year
2. Rise to the challenge of Junior Year, taking French Literature, Honors English 11 and AP U.S. History.
3. Get my driver's license
4. Maintain my friendships with people from freshman year to senior year but also be willing to change and get close to different people.
5. Get an SAT score that I am proud of and believe reflects my capabilities.
6. Apply to colleges that interest ME not just my parents or my aspiring career.
7. Take AP English, AP Gov, AP Psychology and AP French my senior year
8. Get into top colleges including (as of the current moment) University of St. Andrews , King's College London, Fordham University, Northeastern University.
9. Go to and enjoy my senior prom. (Safely.)
10. Have Great 2013 and 2014 season in Cross Country and great 2013,2014 and 2015 seasons in Softball.
11. Graduate with the class of 2015 from SSSAS.
12. Do a community service project in Africa, (something that involves children, and people)
13. Travel to China, Ireland, Italy and Normandy(part of the exchange trip) before graduating.
14. Go to college that is the best fit for my personality and my goals in life.
15. Get along well enough, if not splendidly with my roommate.
16. Keep in touch with old friends.
17. Try Yoga as a form of exercise and relaxation
18. Learn some sort of self-defense. 25-35 1. Go to my ten year high school reunion.
2. Get engaged.
3. Get married.
4. Have my first child.
5. either rise to a higher position at the Fashion House I worked at previously or work at a different house.
6. Discover and/ or refine my style of design
7. Own a beach house
8. Learn archery
9. Become familiar with horseback riding again
10. Cook decently if not as well as my mother.
11. learn how to make the secret chocolate cake recipe.
12. Go to a spa
13. Live permanently in either Paris, London or NYC.
14.Go to the wedding of a friend or relative.
15. Be in the bridal party of a friend or relative
16. Travel to Rio de Janerio
17. Go scuba diving in the great barrier reef
18. Take one surfing lesson
19. hike up the side of a volcano
20. Visit Montreal.
21. Be a more confident skier.
22. Learn to tolerate if not like fish. (there is no way I can do mussels or lobster but fish, maybe).
23. Possibly have my second child (depends on when I have the first).
24. Not become a Chreaster (people that only go to church for Christmas and Easter).
25. Dress Kate Middleton or Adele for an event. 45-55 1. Go to my children's high school graduation.
2. Maintain health and well being through physical exercise and eating right.
3. Start foundation focused on promoting good body image in young teens and young adults.
4. Have a successful fashion line focused clothing for real women of all shapes a sizes that are beautiful because they are happy.
5. Have all of my children out of my house and into the world, finding their futures.
6. Travel to Egypt and the Holy Land.
7. Mentor a young designer.
8. Design a custom wedding dress.
9. have a continuously strong and happy marriage.
10. Go on an Abercrombie and Kent safari.
11. Own a original Monet and Degas.
12. Go to the theater and the opera often.
13. Stay in touch with friends from all parts of my life.
14. Sail around the world for two years.
15. Go on a date with my husband in a hot air ballo 15-25 19. Major in some sort of business/management degree
20. Do an exchange program in a country that differs from the location of my college.
21. Minor in French.
22. Take a year of Japanese, Mandarin, Spanish, German, and Italian.
23. Get my first job. (something besides babysitting, or being a camp counselor)
24. Have a meaningful romantic relationship with someone.
25. Own my own apartment or flat.
26. Buy a car.
27. Celebrate my 21st birthday. (responsibly)
28. Go Paintball fighting.
29. Go Cliff diving
30. Go to a multi-day music festival
31. Go dancing with my best friends
32. Travel to Japan
33. Get into and complete graduate school for fashion design at Pratt Institute, Parson's New School for Design, Saint Martins College of Art and Design, Chealsea College of Art and Design, Istituto Marangoni or the Paris Fashion Institute.
34. Get a job working under an established design house such as Marchesa, Dolce and Gabbana, Oscar de la renta, Versace, Alexander McQueen, Christian Dior, Free People or Anthropologie.
35. Get a dog. 45-55 1. Go to the holy land.
2. Go to all of my children's high school and college graduations.
3. Stay mentally and physically active and healthy.
4. Mentor a young designer
5. Have a happy and love filled marriage. 6. Start a foundation focused on the promotion of high self-esteem and good body image in teens and young adults.
7. Have a successful line of clothing using real, happy women of all shapes and sizes.
8. Go on an Abercrombie and Kent Safari
9. Be interviewed at Vogue, Vanity Fair, and Harper's Bazaar.
10. Have all of my children out of the house.
11. Sail around the world for two years.
12. Take up dance as a form of exercise. 1. Age gracefully with style.
2. Be a grandmother.
3. Have accepted the death of a loved one and worked through the grieving process healthily.
4. Support museums, churches,universities, charities, hospitals and shelters to the best of my monetary ability.
5. Go to New Zealand.
6. Be active yet also aware that I may not be able to do the things I once did without thought.
7. Visit my sisters and my children and grandchildren often.
8. See old friends.
9. Go to my high school's and college's 50th reunion.
10. Make a parfum.
11. Go to whichever Olympics I had not attended previously (summer or winter)
12. Visit Moscow and St. Petersberg
13. Go to the World Cup in soccer (men's or women's)
14. Go on a cruise in Alaska
15. Attend Wimbleton 75-85 1. Take a lesser role in my business but still be involved.
2. Go back to places I lived as a child until my young adult years.
3. Go see Niagara and Victoria Falls.
4. Go to Hawaii.
5. Travel to Berlin and see the remains of the wall.
6. Write a book on style and self respect and self love.
7. be able to run a 5k.
8. Travel to Budapest and Prague.
9. Retire to either my country home in england, or a house on the french riviera.
10. Try winemaking.
11. Be able to still fit into my wedding dress.
12. Spoil my grandchildren appropriately but also be there to give them useful advice.
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