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CART Joint-Board Meeting March 13, 2012

No description

Devin Blizzard

on 14 March 2012

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Transcript of CART Joint-Board Meeting March 13, 2012

CART Joint Board
2012 Technology Professional Development Team College and Career Linkages Faculty Leadership & Innovation CART Promotion Design
Teams Promotion Team:
Focus on foundation
Investigate sponsorship
Reconnect with sponsors
Innovate in the area of marketing
Employ social media Career & College Readiness Team:

Investigate gaps in post-secondary readiness
Design strategies to help close these gaps Staff Development Team:
Schedule and coordinate meaningful professional development
Focus on writing and CART Design Principles by using in-house expertise
Use staff input and reflection to guide effective staff development Technology Team:
Promote student technology skills through deploying class standards and certifications
Explore innovative trends in technology
Provide teacher-to-teacher technology training & sharing
Fail often in order to succeed quickly! CUSD / FUSD / ROP / LOCAL INDUSTRY
thinking Regional Professional Learning:

California Linked Learning Institutes
Common Core Administrator Training
Windows 7 Deployment & Environments
Shakespeare Works as Shakespeare Plays
ASCD State / Regional
ASCD Leader 2 National
Virtual Enterprises International
iPad for Educators
Network for Teaching Entrepreneurship [NFTE]
Social Media & Marketing Conference
California League of High Schools
2011 Partnership Summit
Professional Learning at CART:
Instructional Technology Trainings
Microsoft Certifications: Office, Work, Excel, Outlook
Teaching Expository Writing
Using 6 Traits Writing Strategies
EAP / EPT Writing Instruction Strategies
Brain-Based Learning Techniques Institutes & Conferences at CART:
ASCD: Tools in the Digital Age Workshop
CMC: STEMposium
CUSD Technology Bootcamp
FUSD Summer Academy
CART Summer Academy
FIRST Robotics LEGO League Trainings Faculty Recognitions:
Halbert Bynum - CLHS Finalist Educator of the Year/ Road Trip Nation Legend Award Winner
John Forbes - FUSD Excellence in Education Finalist
Laurie Hayes - NSTA Invited National Presenter
Devin Blizzard - FIRST / M.I.T. Flowers Award Nominee IP Cam Video five interviews each in one day 140 Finance students... National Professional Learning:

Association for Career & Technical Education, St. Louis
National Science Teachers Association (NSTA):
NSTA, New Orleans / Washington / Indianapolis
Alliance for Excellent Education, Washington D.C.
ASCD, Virginia
CSCC, New Orleans
I am CART...
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