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Tropical Seasonal Forest

No description

Shea Vero

on 21 September 2012

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Transcript of Tropical Seasonal Forest

"Tropical Dry Forests" Tropical Seasonal Forest Climate Precipitation >200 cm per year The Average Rainfall is: Biotic Factors The Temperature Range Animal Species Elephants Tigers Monkeys Koalas Rabbits Frogs 20°C- 25°C

Wet and Dry seasons Spiders PLANT LIFE Indio Desnudo (The Naked Indian)
Deciduous and Evergreen
Mosses Death of trees during
the dry season is important for the soil because decomposition of leaves keeps the soil fertile for trees/shrubs that do survive. ABIOTIC FACTORS Seasonal rainfall during the wet season
(a.k.a rainy season)
*The wet season is defined if for one month, the average precipitation is 60mm or more* Rainfall Soil is nutrient poor
but the amount of
rainfall keeps grasses
and trees growing *2 layers of trees: shrubs close to the ground, and the canopy layer of tall trees*: *All tree species lose their leaves
once the dry season begins* Between 10°-20° N and S Latitude Made By: Shea Vero, Emma Leuer,
Maria Tavierne, and Christina Koranda :)

"Lapa Ricos Ecolodge: The Naked Indian Tree http://blog.laparios.com/2010/04/naked-indian-tree.html the dry season is often longer than the wet season, lasting over five months every year. The Naked Indian
*belongs to the Family Burseraceae
*used in the treatment of stomach ulcers
* also called the "tourist tree" (this because the bark of this tree is constantly exfoliating which gives it an appearance of sunburned skin)
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