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Improving the Mactaquac Golf Course

No description

Claude LeBlanc

on 10 April 2016

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Transcript of Improving the Mactaquac Golf Course

Working with the Mactaquac Park
and the New Brunswick Government

Improving the Mactaquac Golf Course
 Wednesdays tournament
 Utilize GNB e-mail marketing

 Camping & Golf
 Junior Golf Program
 Junior Golf Camp: (4 day camp with lodging, golf, sailing, tree go, camping, beach and more…)

2. Offer Additional Services
 Golf
 Camping
 Beach
 Trails
 Marina

3. Create a Web Site and
Utilize Social Media for the Park
 For Juniors
 For Seniors
 Improving Pace of Play

4. Adding Additional Tees to Reduce the Lenght of the Golf Course
1. Increase Revenues with Additional Corporate Golf Tournaments
 Introduce golf to NB schools
 Offering transportation to the park as an incentive to come and spend the day. (golf, beach, trails, marina, tree-go…)
 Creating jobs.

5. Introducing Golf and the Park in NB Schools
9 holes 
Juniors fees
Camping & golf

6. Offering More Ways to Pay and Play Golf
 http://www.thegolfbike.com/

 http://www.golfboard.com/

15 inch cup for tournament events

7. Offering New Ways to Play Golf
 Advertisements per hole signs
 Example: Hole #1 – Ford

8. Generating More Revenues with Advertisements
 Paving all cart paths on course
This will help in:
Keeping our power carts cleaner
Less bumps and smoother ride for our customers
No dust, better for our carts and golf bags
Cleaner air to breathe for all golfers
Mactaquac Golf Course's welcoming sign as you
get to the course

9. Improving the Appearance of the Golf Course
10. Improving the Signs for the Park on the Highway and Other Roads
11. Advertising the Park throughout the Province and more….
Near the driving range
Would be the first in NB
Would create jobs
Would be a great asset for Mactaquac
Open at night with lights

Build a Par 3:
Pitch and Putt
9 or 18 Holes Golf Facility
Online booking
Hand held scanner for cash register
Improve our POS (point of sale) system

12. New Software to Improve
our Proshop Needs and our Customers Needs

Could be used for personal use
Could be rented out with golf packages

13. Fix Building Near the Administration Building

Selecting the appropriate staff
Golf oriented people
Creating a team at the course

14. You are only as
good as your Staff!

E-Mail Marketing
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