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Public services skills

No description

Mitchell Jung

on 16 January 2014

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Transcript of Public services skills

Conflict management
Conflict management is being able to control someone who is getting aggresive.
Physical Fitness
Within the police you have to have a good fitness level. This is important because you are always on call and have to chase criminals.
Public service skills
Mental Toughness
Communication is when you exchange messages, notes, and valuable strategies between your fellow peers. it is also where you follow instuctions given to you by other people in different situations.
fire service
you especially need communication in the fire service as it can be very dangerous when trying to put out a house fire or any fire for that matter.
when you are on the water cannon, you need to what areas to hit because that might not be hitting the strongest part of the fire and just be wasting water on a bit thats not as powerful or big.
army, royal marines
communication in the royal marines is the most important bit about the service as the situations they go in can be very dangerous and they will need to responed and give the right instructions and deliver them precisely so that everyone can hear it and react to it.

Teamwork is important in the army because it helps to build relations between employees.
To be in the army you have to be phisically fit because you are in bad conditions most of the time.
As weel as that teamwork helps to achieve desired goals in a shorter amount of time as a number of employees works toward the same goal.
In the police teamwork helps to combine skills from various people in order to achieve things that couldnt normaly be achieved when working independantly.
Mental toughness is the ability to deal with stress effectively. This is important in the police because their jobs can be very stressful, therefore it is important for the employees to be able to deal with the stress.
Mental toughness is important in the army because soldiers will often be going away from their families for a long time. Mental toughness is then important so that the employees can cope with missing their families.
It is very important to have good behaviour in any public sevices as you can be in very difficult situations at times , and if you're messing about you could seriously injure yourself and others around you.
If you mess around in the army when you are at war you could either get shot and be seriously injured or worse dead. so its best if you behave yourself and try to stay out of trouble.
if you are in a riot and you're messing about in the line you might be putting someone off and not consintranting on the riot and a person rioting might break the line and mess everything up and it could cause injuries to your fellow friends and staff members.

Leadership is being able to lead a group of people.
This is important for the police because if you are in a bad situation then you need a good leader to control the situation.
Confidence is important in the police because you will very often have to speak to various different people.
In the army you will need to make decisions, and be confident in the decisions you make in order to keep your country safe.
Time keeping
In the army there will be loads of times where they will need good leadership skills. For example if they are under fire or have to navigate a mine field.
Time keeping is keeping everything organised and be on time for eveything and make sure that if you set a time to do a task or if you have been driving for a long time, you need to take regular breaks so then would be a good to have good management of time.
you must have excellent time keeping in the army as you will be going on protrols and will need to set a tiem to go out and when you will be returning from the protrols as its a very serious thing to do when at war.
when a police officer is out on a shift, he/she will need to know when tyheir shift is over so they dont confuse any other officers which could cause a problem and it might delay someone in trouble.

Trust is important in the police because when there is a riot the police have to rely on eachother to keep the rioters from breaking through the line of police officers, this could be very dangerous as an officer could get seriously injured
Trust is important in the army because every task involves the army working as a team and if someone messes up, other soldiers lives are in danger.
In the police you have to deal with alot of people who are trying to harm either you or the others around them. You will have to calm them down and stop them being violent.
When you are in the army you are with the same people for long periods of time so they might get in arguments so you will have to stop them before it gets worse.
Appearance is how you presentate yourself to others. its about making yourself look like you look after yourself and are not wearing the same clothes or if you are that you are washing them so they dont smell.
its very important to have good appearance in the police as you will; be out on patrol and if a pedestrian sees a police man in scruffy uniform it might send a bad message and people might lose faith in the police.
you need to have youir uniform in the army as its very important to identify whos on which side.

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