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How to Use Audacity

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Sam Mitchell

on 3 November 2012

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Transcript of How to Use Audacity

How to Use Audacity Step 1 Open Audacity from the start menu and open your presentation.
Re-size the screens so that they are next to each other and you can read your presentation when recording. You can do this by clicking where the yellow circles and arrows are. Step 2 Make sure you're ready! 1. Press the record button and record your voice while reading your presentation.
2. Press pause if you need to.
3. Press stop when you have finished. Step 3 Listen to your recording to make sure it sounds okay. Delete it if you need to record it again. There are 2 ways to delete, either 'Edit' and 'Undo Record' or press the x. Step 4 Once you have finished recording. Go to 'File' 'Save Project As...' and save it somewhere safe. Step 5 Export your file as an MP3 so it can be inserted into your presentation. Save in the same place as step 4. Repeat with the rest of your recordings and have fun! Step 6 In your presentation, click on the slide that matches the audio you want to import. Click on 'Insert' then 'Audio' and 'Audio from File...'. Find the matching audio from where you saved it.
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