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Dickensfestijn - 2012

No description

Anneke Oosterink

on 12 November 2012

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Transcript of Dickensfestijn - 2012

Dickensfestijn 2012 Great Anglo Saxon Gobblers How to get an outfit? Inspiration for gents Inspiration for ladies See you December the 15th! How can you
make your own skirt? Ladies
What do you need? What do you have
in your closet already? Gents
What do you need? In Deventer And what we looked like What do people look like? What to expect? Massive queue
Bring food/snacks
Prepare to be noticed and photographed
Don’t be intimidated!
Most importantly: it’s not that hard! Some general pictures G.A.G's representatives in Deventer From top to bottom:
Waistcoat, cardigan
Jacket and/or coat
“Leather” shoes (sneakers no go)
If you already have it, a walking stick or an umbrella
(not neccessary) From top to bottom:
(sneakers again no go)
Purse, umbrella
No hat/no floorlength skirt/loose hair? = lady of easy virtues! Blouse, shirt
Jacket, vest, cardigan
Shoes, jewelry
Purse, umbrella
Or easy peesy: borrow! It's pretty simple, really! Remember, there are vagabonds, lords, clerks, farmers and blacksmiths! Again: remember that there were prostitutes, shopgirls, servants and ladies! And, remember, if you need help, just ask! Some inspiration What colours are possible? Remember, not too bright. Neon green and hot pink were not very common in the 19th century.
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